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Today I learnt…Fast fasting

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed some moany-moany tweets about starvation and wanting to eat a vegetarian. I am on a 3 day juice fast, people. Bear with me!


We put so much food through our digestive system day in and day out, without a break. Imagine all the gunk in there!

The theory behind fasting is that it permits the entire digestive system to rest while ridding the body of toxins. It cleanses the body and the energy that is usually used for digestion is available for the repair and healing of the body.

People also fast for spiritual reasons, in that it gives them an opportunity to focus their thoughts towards God/spirituality/whatever they’re into.

I just felt like I needed a bodily spring-clean.


I chose a 3 day juice fast. Detoxification programmes and fasting can be dangerous, if not done properly and for long periods of time, so a 3 day juice fast is a safe and relatively fast way to get the job done.

So all it is, is 3 days of only fresh fruit/vegetable juice and water/herbal tea. Sounds easy enough. Ha ha ha ha!! I laugh so!

A fridge full of apples, pears, carrots, lemon and ginger and motivation on Day 1.

Today is Day 3. The fridge holds a few carrots and a cucumber. I nearly ate my roommate yesterday.

I feel amazingly light and energetic now, though…


Day 1 and 2:

Mornings were fine. Afternoons filled with starvation and detox headaches. Juice fasts tend to detox you quicker than normal fasts and the toxins released cause intense headaches. This is apparently a good thing, though. But Oh My Soul…they hurt like mad. Sweating it out, drinking lots of water and peppermint tea helps though.

Day 3:

I’m still alive! I don’t want to kill or eat anyone. Whew! I feel great. No hunger. Glad that it’s nearly over!


Again, I have realised how much I love food and wine and the social aspect of eating. I chose a time when there was nothing really going on socially, and I could relax and take it easy while my body does it’s thing, but I would have struggled a lot more if I had to decline a meal out or a glass of wine with a friend!

I am impressed with my own willpower and inner strength.

I’m sticking out the last few hours on a positive note – Gold Stars to me…

Learning to love yourself

This is possibly one of the most difficult things to do in life, but I’m slowly getting much better at it.

It’s so easy to focus on other people and to target your affections outside of yourself, but it’s way more difficult to do the same for yourself.

We need to do this more.

My Yoga Blog

For my subscribers – if you are interested, I have just started a yoga blog: Kiss my Asana.

I am embarking on a little Ashtanga yoga journey with Ekam yoga studio this week, so keep up with the progress (or more likely pain and swearing) there.


Coming home…

Well peeps, today I leave Croatia and I believe that I am quite ready to come home now.

It has been a fantastic holiday an a very well-needed break from my day-to-day life. Food, wine, truffles, beach,¬†sleep, rockclimbing, biking, buses buses buses, caffe. That would be the short version ūüôā

I will start creating my Croatia blog posts as soon as I am back, with lots of photos etc. and some useful info for travellers, so be prepared for those – I really look forward to it! I decided that I would have no tech on this trip and I must admit that it has been killing me softly, so I will have LOTS to say about everything I experienced as it is all ready and waiting in my head.

I was sitting in the square in Zagreb this morning, after a disasterous attempt at a Mysore yoga class and a feel-better Nutella pancake, reflecting on my trip and how I feel about coming home. I then realised that Toto¬īs Africa was playing out of one of the caffe bars and I realised how much I love South Africa. (That damn song always plays¬†at the right moment – usually the cheesiest time possible)

Amazing food, wine, beaches, mountains, weather, culture and most importantly…friendly people! We really are so¬†spoilt in our country and sometimes it takes a trip elsewhere to make you realise that again.

So now I am looking forward to some sushi, English-speaking people, my homemade gourmet salad lunches, a bubble bath, my own home and my wine rack.



Ashtanga Yoga – Photos

I recently started Ashtanga Yoga classes, based on the constant yoga buzz in my ear from @ClareMelina, resident yogi ‘green city gal’ (you can check out her blog,¬† Beauty in Balance).

I must say, every Ashtanga Yogi will give you the whole speech on how they can’t live without it, and yoga is their life, and will give you a long lecture about a constant love-hate relationship that they have with yoga. Let me tell you now that it is all true. The amazing changes that it starts to make to your mind and body are very unexpected, even though you are told to expect it.

I had a bit of a wobble in my practice (after I did the 6 week beginners course at Ekam Yoga) due to my recent operation, but will definitely get back to it as soon as I can.

There will be more yoga posts to come once I am able to get back into it, I am sure, but the point of this post is to share the yoga photos I took of Clare in the Transkei. I claim that the beauty of the shots has nothing to do with me, but rather the remarkable setting that we were in and the Bionic Woman strength of the yoga model.