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Jozi’s hot free wi-fi spots

Having sporadic internet issues at the moment, I’m all ears for quiet places with free wi-fi where I can run to and get my work done. I fear that I am fast becoming one of those ‘coffee shop entrepreneurs’, but nonetheless, it is always nice to have a change of scenery, some tea and cake and get things done.

Jozi is filled with these kinds of places – you can find some of them here – although not an extensive list, it does have a few options.

I thought I’d share my favourites with you, some of which I have already blogged about:

Just Ginns – This little gem of a coffee shop/lifestyle store lies in Chilli Lane Shopping Centre in Sunninghill and is my personal favourite. Cakes, scones, treats and sweets, as well as fresh juices and a harvest table lunch offering, you really can hang around all day and be taken well care of. Be sure to tip well here – they donate all tips to charity. There are enough power points and the wi-fi is fast.

Bean There – This coffee shop at 44 Stanley is also a lovely find. Excellent free trade coffee and a bustling atmosphere, it’s a great spot to try out. They don’t serve food there, but you can get a sandwich from the sandwich stall and eat at Bean There while you work. They also have a conference room for hire.

Wolves – Totally hipster spot in the heart of Illovo. See my post for more detail. You must have a red velvet cupcake or three – the best in Jozi!

Gingko – Feel as if you are working from your patio in your own garden at Gingko. Fresh, organic and free-range everything, their smoothies and juices are to die for! See my post for more detail.

I hope to see you around at my ‘offices’ 🙂 Get in touch with me on Foursquare and we can connect.

Please do share any of your own personal favourites as comments – I’m always on the lookout for hot wi-fi spots…


Gingko Restaurant – Parkview

Always on the lookout for a hot wi-fi spot, I came across Gingko Restaurant in Parkview today. Although not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, it boasts a menu with extensive vegetarian and organic options, with all fresh ingredients, free from preservatives and all that other rubbish that molests our food these days.

Jozi has some vegetarian and natural food restaurants (check them out here), but they tend to have a very cafe kind of feel, which is great, but Gingko is more of a ‘real’ restaurant in its’ setting.

I’ve only tried their breakfast menu, which has extensive options – enough teas and smoothies and shakes and and and to make anyone drool. I’ll definitely be back for some more and to relax on their deck with my Mac-Baby to get some work done from time to time.

They also have a small section where you can buy healthy foods. I think it’s great.

Wolves, Illovo

I thought I’d try out a new free wi-fi spot in Jozi this weekend and gave Wolves in Illovo a go.

Decent places with free wi-fi seem to be few and far between, so I am always on the look-out for some comfortable surfing paired with fresh food and delicious drinks

Very cute place!

The parking is a bit of a pain, though…not sure what the deal is there? In any case, I would recommend it!

Stunning decor, great coffee, hot drinks and fresh smoothies, fast internet access and delicious food and cakes. Their velvet cake looks amazing and their hot chocolate comes with a chocolate moustache on a stick…sweet!

They also showcase South African art on their walls that is up for sale – go have a look…

Deli Su Casa – Fourways

Well now, people…I have found a little gem for you hidden away in Long Point Centre opposite Monte Casino in Fourways: Deli Su Casa.

This oh-so-cute little deli and restaurant not only makes delightful meals using fresh seasonal ingredients, but they also have good coffee and free wi-fi!

Almost every table has a plug point for your laptop and it seems that it is the trendy hang out for Apple users (although I’m not sure why anyone would voluntarily choose to be any other kind of user in any case, but that is a topic for another day…).

What I enjoy about their menu is that you can pick and choose what you would like in your meal – no silly fuss and extra charges for deviating from the menu. Perfect for us vegetarians and fussy eaters. We can just choose what they throw together for us, with no fuss.

So here I sit, at Deli Su Casa, blogging about sitting here at Deli Su Casa. Drinking the most divine tea served in a cute glass teapot on a burner.

Enough then..here’s some pics and try it out.