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3 Reasons why you shouldn’t date your Twitter crush


If you’re fairly active in the social media world, you’re likely enjoying Twitter and the inter-connectedness it offers. You’re meeting new people online and offline and sapping up all the networking that comes with it.

You’ve also likely got a Twitter crush who’s admired for his online status. Here’s why you shouldn’t date him.

1. He’s not what his bio says he his
He makes himself out to be just amazing. Desirable. He’s taken qualities that everyone loves and mashed them together into ‘I’m Mr. Awesome’. He’s likely just a dork in real life, compensating for the attention he missed out on in his pre-digital years.

2. If he’s big on Twitter, he’s only big on Twitter
These guys tend to take their online status VERY seriously. To the point that they actually don’t have all that much real going on offline. Offline, they talk about what’s going on online, ALL the time. They validate their worth by their online following.

3. If he chased you on Twitter, he’s probably chasing someone else there too
Twitter is not a dating site. Guys that use it as one like to break the rules and get a thrill from the chase. Once you’re there in real life, the game is over and it’s time for a new one.

Although social media is an exciting and extremely useful environment to be in, it also provides an easy opportunity for exaggeration and embellishment of the facts. Everyone wants to be noticed, and some are just clever enough to market themselves well so that you to believe what you read.

Don’t fall for the guy on Twitter, fall for the one in real life.

(Granted, neither has worked for me very well, but it sounds like good advice, right?)

Vizify – Your Twitter Video

I thought this was quite cute. You can make a little video of your Twitter stuff (click the caption to play the vid):

Vizify Vid - PopcornCandi

Vizify Vid

What your Twitter Bio really means

Twitter is an interesting place. It is by far the most useful and honest social media platform and I actually get value from taking part in the Twitter love. The most entertainment for me, is reading people’s Bios and seeing what they really relate to in (online) reality, once you get to know them. I’ve created my list of favourites for your reading pleasure. Feel free to add some of your own.

Bio Reality
Entrepreneur Currently unemployed and once thought about starting some sort of business.
Traveller I go away on holiday once a year in December, after slaving away for 11.5 months in an office. It’s pretty cool.
Views are my own I feel that I am important enough to my big corporate that they care what I say.
Photographer I Instagram a lot of pictures of sunsets.
Lover of life I’m not quite sure what I’m into, but anything you say is cool!
Living on the edge I skydived once.
*Long philosophical sentence about dancing and clouds and love* (I don’t think I need to explain this one.)
Writer I tweet a lot.
I have a passion for everything I’m terribly boring.

*Please note – this is all in jest and in the name of laughs

It is interesting to see how people portray themselves publicly and what their actions actually say…

Having said that, and looked at my Bio again, I have to confess that I don’t actually live on a chandelier. Terribly sorry to disappoint.

Follow me! The gold rush

In today’s social media age, the gold rush is to get followers. It’s like human blood for vampires, or the opportunity to speak B.S. publicly to a massive audience for Julius Malema.

It’s like the world is about to run out of air and the only way to get more is to get another follower. Social media heroine. Already I feel the need for a fix… *twitch *twitch

Let’s just all be logical about this, though. Take the needle out of your arm and focus.

Yes, you need followers. Without them, you might as well be in a black hole, listening to the echo of your own voice. But would you rather have a thousand followers who are spambots, or 100 followers that you can actually engage with? Hillbrow whore or upper class escort?

All I’m saying is that we all need a strategy – attract the right kind of followers and you’ll get far more satisfaction out of the whole experience (no I am not still referring to prostitution).

Forget the follower count, focus on engagement…the rest will come.

Dear Brands on Twitter

Dear Brands on Twitter,

I am writing you this letter, because I think that you need some guidance on how to behave online in a social space.

It is not a forum for you to punt your products and ignore the social community that supports you.

If you are on Twitter, you are welcoming conversation. If that happens to be about a complaint or a vent, deal with it like a real person. If you do something great, I will compliment you openly too. Don’t hide behind your name – we see through that.

I know that there is a human behind those tweets, so how about a bit of a personality? Brands can have a personality, believe it or not, work on it. Add it to your social media policy.

I am not automatically your friend because I follow you. I am not going to answer your general tweet of “So how is everyone’s Friday?”. I follow you for useful information, or the hopes of it. Provide that to me, please.

There are some brands out there getting it right, but very few. I think you all need to re-assess your strategy – do you have one?

Kind regards,

Twitter User