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3 Reasons why you shouldn’t date your Twitter crush


If you’re fairly active in the social media world, you’re likely enjoying Twitter and the inter-connectedness it offers. You’re meeting new people online and offline and sapping up all the networking that comes with it.

You’ve also likely got a Twitter crush who’s admired for his online status. Here’s why you shouldn’t date him.

1. He’s not what his bio says he his
He makes himself out to be just amazing. Desirable. He’s taken qualities that everyone loves and mashed them together into ‘I’m Mr. Awesome’. He’s likely just a dork in real life, compensating for the attention he missed out on in his pre-digital years.

2. If he’s big on Twitter, he’s only big on Twitter
These guys tend to take their online status VERY seriously. To the point that they actually don’t have all that much real going on offline. Offline, they talk about what’s going on online, ALL the time. They validate their worth by their online following.

3. If he chased you on Twitter, he’s probably chasing someone else there too
Twitter is not a dating site. Guys that use it as one like to break the rules and get a thrill from the chase. Once you’re there in real life, the game is over and it’s time for a new one.

Although social media is an exciting and extremely useful environment to be in, it also provides an easy opportunity for exaggeration and embellishment of the facts. Everyone wants to be noticed, and some are just clever enough to market themselves well so that you to believe what you read.

Don’t fall for the guy on Twitter, fall for the one in real life.

(Granted, neither has worked for me very well, but it sounds like good advice, right?)

Take the fear out of social media – here’s how

I’m going to share this with you because it is just brilliant.

In the past almost 2 years of running Social Ideas, I have encountered so many small business owners, hobbiests and wannabe bloggers who are interested in the social media world and how it can help them with their business/personal brand. I’ve spent hours sitting with friends and family, taking them through social media basics, helping them develop social media strategies for their needs and guiding them through it all, out of the goodness of my heart. Although Social Ideas is doing very well with its’ focused and exclusive offering, there is still a constant need for this kind of DIY crash-course.

Because the social media world is so heavily visual, there is also a need for some basic design skills for creating correct profile pictures, cover photos, update photos etc., otherwise the social media platforms that you have so carefully created, look like poo. Nobody wants to follow a poo-looking brand. Fact.

So here is Social Sessions (I’m so excited, I can’t sit still):

Social Sessions Image

I’ve partnered with the most genius designer/art director that I know – Zoe Saayman from Zoe Inc – and we’re going to run SA’s first crash-course workshops in social media and digital design!

It’s a two-day workshop, run on 17 and 18 October. It’s two days of social media basics, social media strategy, digital design, web banners and writing for the internet. All skills that are essential today.

Have a look at our website (you can just ogle at its’ beauty if you want) and see if it is something for you. If you know someone who is interested, I’d LOVE for you to pass on the info. Bookings are done via the website and close on 7 October, so do it now! It’s not the usual corporate conference kind of workshop, it is fun, funky and VIP-style.

Label it as “shameless self-promotion”, I don’t care, it’s my blog and I believe passionately in this 🙂

Thanks for the support – I really hope to see some readers at our workshop.

What your Twitter Bio really means

Twitter is an interesting place. It is by far the most useful and honest social media platform and I actually get value from taking part in the Twitter love. The most entertainment for me, is reading people’s Bios and seeing what they really relate to in (online) reality, once you get to know them. I’ve created my list of favourites for your reading pleasure. Feel free to add some of your own.

Bio Reality
Entrepreneur Currently unemployed and once thought about starting some sort of business.
Traveller I go away on holiday once a year in December, after slaving away for 11.5 months in an office. It’s pretty cool.
Views are my own I feel that I am important enough to my big corporate that they care what I say.
Photographer I Instagram a lot of pictures of sunsets.
Lover of life I’m not quite sure what I’m into, but anything you say is cool!
Living on the edge I skydived once.
*Long philosophical sentence about dancing and clouds and love* (I don’t think I need to explain this one.)
Writer I tweet a lot.
I have a passion for everything I’m terribly boring.

*Please note – this is all in jest and in the name of laughs

It is interesting to see how people portray themselves publicly and what their actions actually say…

Having said that, and looked at my Bio again, I have to confess that I don’t actually live on a chandelier. Terribly sorry to disappoint.

My week in the black hole – is the digital world changing the way we live?

I, of all people, have spent a week (almost) without a Smartphone. I’ll pause while you gasp…

I am what people would call a ‘superuser’. My phone is with me 24/7. Well, until the Durban July happened and my phone stayed in Durban while I flew back to JHB. I’m now using a handset that I’m sure was made in China in 1994.

I decided to treat this temporary break from my heart and lungs as an experiment.

Here are my findings:

1. Life goes on without a smartphone

2. Going places isn’t as fun when you can’t check in and make your friends jealous (okay that one is not actually true)

3. Talking to people on the phone is not only novel, but also quite pleasant

4. I had to remember how to spell again

5.  My brain has become a lot quieter

6. People annoy me less

7. My true friends revealed themselves

Granted, I did still have access to social media sites via my laptop and iPad, but the constant presence of the digital world became mild and more voluntary.

It has really been pleasant I must say.

This bears plenty of philosophical questions…

Has society transformed into online memes? Have we lost our touch with humanity? Can we still differentiate between real and digital? With the online and offline world fast merging into one social ‘being’, is it possible to still separate the two?

Back in the day, we used to have personal personas and professional personas. Is this still possible today?Are we actually at that point in social evolution where we can no longer put on the ‘decent human being’ mask for one crowd, and let loose for another? Is the digital world forcing us to be more honest and more moral?

My personal feeling is that the digital social world is not actually isolating us from real life, it is just creating another facet of it. A facet that demands honesty and integrity. Is that really bad?

What are your thoughts?

Today I learnt…this sh!t is real!

Today I learnt about real life. For 27 years I thought I was there, but I was somewhere else…somewhere easier and breezier. Somewhere with a pretty mask to cover the underlying struggle for something more, something better, something more meaningful. Well, after all this time I have found that something that I didn’t even know that I was looking for. I found my freedom and my untainted happiness. And it’s freaking scary!

You’re sitting there thinking “I’m not sure what this woman is on about, but sounds vaguely familiar”, aren’t you?

I remember sitting in meetings in my previous soul-destroying corporate job and doodling a sketch of a flower, always the same sketch, and imagining that I was somewhere else, doing something else that is meaningful to me.

Well now I am somewhere else, doing something else that is meaningful to me.

Meet ‘Social Ideas’:

social ideas on Facebook

I don’t want this to be a business punt on my blog, but rather a reflection on the risk I’m taking and reminding myself why I’m doing it. It is very, very real. Everything is a lot more difficult when you don’t have an IT department to fix something for you, or Accounts to advise you on anything, or even a printer. I’ve been learning a lot since I started working for myself – far more than the permanent corporate lifestyle could ever give me.

I know that I have a passion and I know that this passion can help others, so I do believe that I can make this work.

My message to you, though, is:

Life’s too short for ‘just okay’.

There is no reason to be miserable 5 days out of 7 every week. Find your passion and take that risk!

Oh yes, and follow Social Ideas on Twitter and Facebook, if that’s what you’re into 🙂 Please also keep me in mind when anyone mentions social media work – it will be greatly appreciated (businesses or individuals – I’m here to help and advise) – I couldn’t resist 😉

Follow me! The gold rush

In today’s social media age, the gold rush is to get followers. It’s like human blood for vampires, or the opportunity to speak B.S. publicly to a massive audience for Julius Malema.

It’s like the world is about to run out of air and the only way to get more is to get another follower. Social media heroine. Already I feel the need for a fix… *twitch *twitch

Let’s just all be logical about this, though. Take the needle out of your arm and focus.

Yes, you need followers. Without them, you might as well be in a black hole, listening to the echo of your own voice. But would you rather have a thousand followers who are spambots, or 100 followers that you can actually engage with? Hillbrow whore or upper class escort?

All I’m saying is that we all need a strategy – attract the right kind of followers and you’ll get far more satisfaction out of the whole experience (no I am not still referring to prostitution).

Forget the follower count, focus on engagement…the rest will come.

Deadmau5 SA Tour – H20 – 3 December 2011

Didn’t strike you as an H2O gal, hm? Well let me tell you, we had such a good party at the Deadmau5 SA tour at H20 this weekend!

Yes, it’s in Boksburg and yes, there are a lot of boneheads walking around, and yes, there is a LOT of house music (which is not my favourite – I’d much prefer some trance DJ’s on the stage) but it’s actually lots of fun. The vibe at things like this is something you’ll never get anywhere else and I have to say, this was the party of the year.

This must have been the biggest H20 in the history of the ‘party in the sun’ events and Deadmau5 attracted the strangest bunch, I must say. Where else are you going to come across a guy in a lilac speedo with a mouse head on his head? Bizarre and oh-so-entertaining.

Deadmau5 blew the massive crowd away with his phenomenal LED stage and live mixing. It really was phenomenal. The view from the VVIP deck of the crowd going mad is something I’ll never forget. (Yes, VVIP saved me – don’t think I’d have survived with a general ticket).

Well done to everyone involved in making this happen!

Maybe see you at the next one?