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Artistry’s YouthXtend Launch

In my quest to look after my skin and not look the age that I feel (that’s nobody’s business but mine), I was invited to Amway’s Artistry YouthXtend launch yesterday. Having not heard of or experienced the Artistry brand before, I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.

Not only were we fed champagne and canapé’s and sketched in “timeless beauty”  (see my “horsesome” sketch below, not to be confused with “whoresome”), but we also got to play with some products from the range ourselves. I was told that the bottom half of my chin looked fabulous after some product testing with the “Lifting Smooth Foundation” 😉


They say that “…laboratory tests show that ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND increases the production of the youth proteins by up to 280%.  The result: after one week of use, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. In essence, the skin’s healthy life is strengthened and extended.

The product range consists of 8 skincare products and a foundation make-up in different shades. The range is now available online at Amway.co.za as well as at all Amway stores.”

Did you hear that? In one week I’ll be gorgeous!

Tongue-in-cheek aside, I was rather impressed with it all and am keen to try some of the products out (thanks again to Amway for packing our goodie bags with the skin care range).



Not (just) a pretty face – my introduction to real skin care

I’m no beauty blogger, let’s just get this straight. I think I’ve been for one facial in my life, getting my nails done bores me (unless I can play on my iPad at the same time) and I have a hairdresser friend that does house visits (to avoid the hair salon).


I had some photos taken on the weekend (for top secret, still-to-be-revealed reasons) and a close look at them made me realise that I needed help – in my face. You see, I have extremely sensitive skin. So bloody fussy that I can’t even wear eye make-up, which is always so damn pretty  – I hate those girls who can (i.e. everyone). I am also in the sun quite a bit with my horse-child, with mostly no suncream because that causes breakouts. With my blonde-hair-blue-eyes syndrome, this is all a recipe for disaster.

A friend took me to Tusc Medical Aesthetics in Sandton to have a chat about my issues and to get some samples of some real face care to see how that works with me. I was greeted by some perfect peaches-and-cream faces and had a skin analysis done. We sat for ages, talking about all my issues and how we’re going to fix them. I was introduced to Dermalogica and their Ultracalming range in particular (for stupid-sensitive skin like mine). I walked out with a bag full of samples like it’s Christmas and strict instructions of what to use when and where and how and how much and in what order.


Now this is a new concept to me. Don’t you just wash your face and then slap some moisturiser on? No siree…you do not. You pre-cleanse, then you cleanse, then you apply toners and concentrates and moisturisers and SPFs and barrier repairs. And then you’re beautiful 😉

I thought this was going to be a revolting schlep, but after just the first time I used the products, I felt relief in my skin. I didn’t realise how stressed it was until I pampered it with the right products. This stuff seems amazing.

Now I have a problem. I want to buy all of it. And it ain’t cheap. And did I tell you I have a horse? That ain’t cheap either. (So if any of you would like to send some social media work my way that would be great – check out my site at www.socialideas.co.za #ShamelessSelfPromotion)

I think that as we get older, we start to realise how important it is to take care of our skin. I’m on it now, I swear.

*This post is NOT sponsored or paid for, this is just my own experience that I want to share with my readers.