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Fine Brandy.By Design – at Taste of Joburg 2012

Cool name, huh? Fine Brandy.By Design “is a collection of fine brandies that are changing how people see brandy, more especially how one consumes it.”

In plain English? Brandy cocktails, baby!

Introducing…The Franklin!

OudeMeester Demant, bitters and ginger ale, with lemon rinds. Oh Em Holy Crap – favouritist favourite!

Do yourself a favour and get down to the Taste of Joburg show at Monte Casino (started last night and on all weekend) and hit the Fine Brandy.By Design stand. They have the most delicious brandy cocktail and food pairing. Being a veggie, I had the mushroom risotto paired with The Franklin…twice…it was amazing.

For the meaties, they also had two meat options – I didn’t pay too much attention, but I seem to remember that they were some sort of pork belly and lamb dishes paired with brandy cocktails.

I am an absolute convert to the brandy revolution, if you haven’t realised yet. It’s no longer a drink for the old man in his library leather chair with his cigar, it’s freshened up and funky.

P.S. The Taste festival this year is really something to try out – I had so much fun tasting everything! I’d really recommend it for an evening out in Jozi. If you’re tweeting, hashtag is #TOJ2012 and handle is @TasteofJoburg

Salvation Cafe, 44 Stanley

I am a little bit in love with Salvation Cafe lately. Situated in the heart of 44 Stanley in Milpark (an old series of industrial buildings, transformed into a meander of trendy boutiques and restaurants), it offers everything that I admire in food creation. Prepared with love and their own freshly grown herbs and greens, it offers a trendy buzz of deliciousness, complete with organic ingredients and plenty of vegetarian options.

According to their wesite:

All true!

Try creating your own fresh juices – a good ol’ ABC – apple, beetroot, carrot – with a twist of ginger is divine.

Get there early on a Saturday – before 9.30am – or make yourself comfortable with the idea of waiting for a table. It’s a comfortable environment (and they have wine) so tables don’t turn over so quickly.

Being in the centre of the buzz, it’s always  a good place to play ‘which hipster has the weirdest hairdo’ too 😉

Jozi’s hot free wi-fi spots

Having sporadic internet issues at the moment, I’m all ears for quiet places with free wi-fi where I can run to and get my work done. I fear that I am fast becoming one of those ‘coffee shop entrepreneurs’, but nonetheless, it is always nice to have a change of scenery, some tea and cake and get things done.

Jozi is filled with these kinds of places – you can find some of them here – although not an extensive list, it does have a few options.

I thought I’d share my favourites with you, some of which I have already blogged about:

Just Ginns – This little gem of a coffee shop/lifestyle store lies in Chilli Lane Shopping Centre in Sunninghill and is my personal favourite. Cakes, scones, treats and sweets, as well as fresh juices and a harvest table lunch offering, you really can hang around all day and be taken well care of. Be sure to tip well here – they donate all tips to charity. There are enough power points and the wi-fi is fast.

Bean There – This coffee shop at 44 Stanley is also a lovely find. Excellent free trade coffee and a bustling atmosphere, it’s a great spot to try out. They don’t serve food there, but you can get a sandwich from the sandwich stall and eat at Bean There while you work. They also have a conference room for hire.

Wolves – Totally hipster spot in the heart of Illovo. See my post for more detail. You must have a red velvet cupcake or three – the best in Jozi!

Gingko – Feel as if you are working from your patio in your own garden at Gingko. Fresh, organic and free-range everything, their smoothies and juices are to die for! See my post for more detail.

I hope to see you around at my ‘offices’ 🙂 Get in touch with me on Foursquare and we can connect.

Please do share any of your own personal favourites as comments – I’m always on the lookout for hot wi-fi spots…

Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar

I was introduced to Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar last week by my friend and fellow blogger, The Wine Guy.

Tucked away in Craighall Park, this little gem boasts a crazy selection of fantastic wines, champagnes and even rare tequila. It’s an intimate little French/Asian fusion spot with a twist! They do serve food too, but we were more interested in Thursdays’ boasting of bottomless bubbly…I assure you, I did not see the bottom of my glass once 😉

A short and sweet review, but go check it out for yourself. You’ll know you’re there when you see the bubbles, from the restaurant’s bubble machine, floating out onto the street…so sweet!

Gingko Restaurant – Parkview

Always on the lookout for a hot wi-fi spot, I came across Gingko Restaurant in Parkview today. Although not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, it boasts a menu with extensive vegetarian and organic options, with all fresh ingredients, free from preservatives and all that other rubbish that molests our food these days.

Jozi has some vegetarian and natural food restaurants (check them out here), but they tend to have a very cafe kind of feel, which is great, but Gingko is more of a ‘real’ restaurant in its’ setting.

I’ve only tried their breakfast menu, which has extensive options – enough teas and smoothies and shakes and and and to make anyone drool. I’ll definitely be back for some more and to relax on their deck with my Mac-Baby to get some work done from time to time.

They also have a small section where you can buy healthy foods. I think it’s great.

A Veggie’s dream – The Greenside Cafe, Greenside

The best part of being a vegetarian (well, almost…I haven’t been able to give up sushi, which either makes me a bad vegetarian or a good pescatarian), is the food. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine a bland meat meal again after tasting creative vegetarian food!

With this in mind, @claremelina introduced me to the Greenside Cafe in Greenside, Jozi, and it definitely did not disappoint! This is an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the heart of Greenside, run by Dimitri Gutjahr, who is passionate about saving our planet. Check out their website and also be sure to have a look at their 101 Reasons to go Veg – quite an eye opener.

We ate there for lunch yesterday, which prompted me to blog about my own views on vegetarianism, starting with a focus on the yummiest vegetarian food I have ever eaten out. This is the first of a good few posts on vegetarian food and restaurants, I’m sure…

>The Cafe

The Greenside Cafe’s philosophy is all around integrity, love and mindfulness for human beings, other beings, and the planet. Their food is creative and delicious, and you can almost feel the kindness as you enter the restaurant. It’s almost always filled with yogi’s wolfing down piles of fresh, organic goodness.

I would highly recommend the pizza yogi – I have not yet been able to refuse it. Their salads are amazing and all their food is fresh, organic and so light on the environment.




This kind of food is so energising and so CLEAN.

I love, love, love good food ❤

If you know some other good vegetarian restaurants in Jozi, drop me a comment here and I’ll try it out.