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Salvation Cafe, 44 Stanley

I am a little bit in love with Salvation Cafe lately. Situated in the heart of 44 Stanley in Milpark (an old series of industrial buildings, transformed into a meander of trendy boutiques and restaurants), it offers everything that I admire in food creation. Prepared with love and their own freshly grown herbs and greens, it offers a trendy buzz of deliciousness, complete with organic ingredients and plenty of vegetarian options.

According to their wesite:

All true!

Try creating your own fresh juices – a good ol’ ABC – apple, beetroot, carrot – with a twist of ginger is divine.

Get there early on a Saturday – before 9.30am – or make yourself comfortable with the idea of waiting for a table. It’s a comfortable environment (and they have wine) so tables don’t turn over so quickly.

Being in the centre of the buzz, it’s always  a good place to play ‘which hipster has the weirdest hairdo’ too 😉

Leafy Greens Cafe, Muldersdrift

Here’s another vegetarian gem, just outside of Jozi. Take a relaxing drive towards Muldersdrift and you will find Leafy Greens Cafe, just opposite Casa Linga (they share the same premises). Their website is not very good, but their vegan buffet is delicious.

All their food is vegan and organic and they have their own veggie garden on the farm that they use for their dishes. Every meal sold at Leafy Greens Cafe gives R1.00 to feed a child in Africa through the JAM Movement. They also have a shop inside the restaurant with all sorts of health foods (try their agave and vanilla pecan nuts…holy crap!)

Sounds like a decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon, right? Give it a go.

Tashas – Yum!

Okay, so Tashas is amazing. This is definitely another fairly hidden gem. I had lunch there today in Gateway, on my post-Durban July day. The decor is just gorgeous – you can see that a lot of thought went into decorating this place. The food is just plain delicious and they serve very healthy-sized portions, with a lot of vegetarian variety on the menu.

Serious mouth orgasms happening in this place!

The pics below were taken in the Gateway branch, but are also a few in Jozi that is just as impressive.

Eat your heart out!

Deli Su Casa – Fourways

Well now, people…I have found a little gem for you hidden away in Long Point Centre opposite Monte Casino in Fourways: Deli Su Casa.

This oh-so-cute little deli and restaurant not only makes delightful meals using fresh seasonal ingredients, but they also have good coffee and free wi-fi!

Almost every table has a plug point for your laptop and it seems that it is the trendy hang out for Apple users (although I’m not sure why anyone would voluntarily choose to be any other kind of user in any case, but that is a topic for another day…).

What I enjoy about their menu is that you can pick and choose what you would like in your meal – no silly fuss and extra charges for deviating from the menu. Perfect for us vegetarians and fussy eaters. We can just choose what they throw together for us, with no fuss.

So here I sit, at Deli Su Casa, blogging about sitting here at Deli Su Casa. Drinking the most divine tea served in a cute glass teapot on a burner.

Enough then..here’s some pics and try it out.