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There are bigger things in life than #FirstWorldProblems

I had the most eye-opening Mandela Day experience with Dlala Nje last Thursday. In the midst of having a ‘woe is me’ few days, I pulled it all together and went to help Dlala Nje out with their Hillbrow blanket walk and party for the Ponte kids at Maboneng.

We started the afternoon off by taking some blankets to those living in a park near Ponte City, hailed “Junkie Park” for obvious reasons. There is only one word to describe what I saw and experienced: HECTIC. These people literally live in the park and are hopelessly addicted to a drug or few. Walking in there was like walking into heavy smog, although it was a clear day. Desperate eyes look at you – the kind of desperation that I have never (and will never have) experienced in my life. Behind those eyes was darkness. It was chilling. They swarmed us as we started to hand out blankets. Desperate.

As we walked away from there, someone called out “they’re only going to sell those for drugs, you know”. They’re probably right. At least the sold blanket will end up keeping someone warm, I guess.

Next up was to round up the kids living in Ponte Towers and to go on a walk through Hillbrow, handing out blankets to the homeless along the way. More desperate eyes were met. People fought with each other for them. For a BLANKET. It was touching to see the kids take the blankets off their backs (it was a pretty chilly afternoon) and give it to those that needed it more than them. We dodged man-holes along the way (the covers are stolen to sell to scrap metal dealers) and stopped kids from falling into sewerage. This is their neighbourhood.

When we reached Fox Street, where the Maboneng District had prepared a party for the kids in the area, the little boy next to me lit up when he saw the jumping castle. “Is that a jumping castle?” he said. “Yes, it’s lots of fun, hey?” “I don’t know, I’ve never been on one.” He was ordered to immediately take his shoes off and jump on. He ran for that jumping castle, with the biggest holes in his socks I have ever seen (he might as well have not been wearing any), with pure joy that I have not seen in a long time.

I left there feeling humbled and emotional. And grateful for the life that I have. My woes were small in comparison to what so many people in our country experience and overcome every single day of their lives.

If every one of us just gave something to the desperate community on our doorstep, or even better, helped to empower others, it will go a long way in making our country more bearable for a lot of people. Pay it forward.

There are bigger things in life than #FirstWorldProblems.

The Faces of Ponte

So this past weekend marked the first ever Dlala Nje Christmas Party at Ponte City.

An insane turnout of kids from the surrounding areas and orphanages proved to provide a very full day of activity.

There was apparently some street performance, cookies and hot dogs, singing and dancing, presents, presents and lots of laughter. I can’t actually give you my account of what was going on in general – I arrived and started painting faces, 4 hours later I was still painting faces.

I saw innocent little happy face after innocent little happy face and spent hours looking into the eyes of kids filled with hope. There is just something about the innocence and complete trust of a child that makes something shift inside of you. It almost makes you soften from the inside out.

Here is my photo account of the day. Don’t judge the artwork…I did my best!

Faces of Ponte 18 Faces of Ponte 17 Faces of Ponte 16 Faces of Ponte 15 Faces of Ponte 14 Faces of Ponte 13 Faces of Ponte 12 Faces of Ponte 11 Faces of Ponte 10 Faces of Ponte 9 Faces of Ponte 8 Faces of Ponte 7 Faces of Ponte 6 Faces of Ponte 5 Faces of Ponte 4 Faces of Ponte 3 Faces of Ponte 2 Faces of Ponte

Bringing meaning to ‘cultural cohesion’ – Dlala Nje

If you were looking for something awesome today, I’ve found it for you: Dlala Nje at Ponte City.

Two white guys move into one of Joburg’s most iconic (and most historically-jaded) buildings, in the heart of Hillbrow and decide to make a difference.

They’ve taken on a project to provide the kids in Ponte City and the surrounding streets with a safe place to play and explore their own creativity by creating Dlala Nje (“Just Play” in Zulu).


I really can’t do it justice with my feeble explanation of what these guys have done and are still doing – this video will show you the heart behind the cause:

They’re also throwing a Christmas Party for the kids in the area at Dlala Nje on Friday evening. We’ve spent hours wrapping presents we got together for the children and it promises to be an unbelievable experience for these kids who, quite frankly, are used to playing with old tyres and sticks. I can’t wait to see their painted faces glow with happiness tomorrow.

If you want to help the cause (let’s be honest, this is an unbelievable creative CSI initiative for a corporate as well), get in touch with the guys via their Facebook page. Watch this space!

I’ll be sure to post about the Christmas party too 🙂

I think that it would be ignorant of me to say well done to these guys for what they have done and are still doing with Dlala Nje, because I ave not been a part of their journey from the start, but I will say thank you to them and people like them who care about their own communities and those around them. If we can all take a piece of what they have put together, we will go a long way to transforming our beautiful Jozi.