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In the rhythm of freedom

It’s difficult to explain the relationship that a human being experiences with a horse. I don’t understand it myself. I can only try to explain what it feels like.

I found this extract from a recent blog post by Bill Chance, which manages to put some of those feelings into words:

“He found he was breathing in rhythm with the horse as if some part of the horse were within him breathing and then he descended into some deeper collusion for which he had not even a name.” – Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

Once you get in sync with a horse, it feels like you are eternally free. Free from the worries of your world, it’s just you and your horse. The sound of your breathing in tune with hers, the smell of fresh sweat from her powerful movement and the sound of hooves on the ground, in time with the rhythm of your mind. Patience, obedience, freedom, connection. That’s what it is. The most special relationship I have ever had with a living being. I treasure every moment that I have with my horse.

Partners in Crime


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