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We Are One Colour Festival, Joburg-style

In case you have been living under a rock, Joburg has been buzzing with We Are One Festival talk. The event took place yesterday afternoon at Emmarentia Dam and painted the usually quiet park into a bright and vibrant festival of colour and music.

A simple Google search will show you more than enough form the festival, but here is my take, seeing that I have not done an event review in a while.

The event is based loosely on the Hindu Holi Festival, which celebrates ‘the season of bloom’ and is also a religious celebration, dubbed ‘The Festival of Colour’. The main feature of the We Are One event was colour explosions of brightly coloured powder on the hour, every hour, while EDM DJ’s entertain the masses all afternoon.


Hands down, the messiest (and most colourful) festival I have ever attended, it was loads of fun getting down and dirty with the coloured powder. As the first one in Johannesburg, it went down very well. The bar and toilet situation was… well… less than desirable, though, so I’m hoping that gets a bit more attention next year and I’ll be more than happy to go again! Give me a VIP section and I’ll be over the moon…

Other than feeling like I’d snorted rainbows all day yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of colour and madness.

As for the religious outrages about this event, it was not a religious festival, it was an afternoon of madness and colour with some EDM going down too. No need to get all uppity about it. Merely a very cool party with a very cool theme.

Not a lot of pics from me this time, I’m afraid – my dainty little white iPhone did not cope very well in the powder storms, but seeing the photography that came out of the day yesterday is phenomenal!

Explosions of colour at the We Are One festival in Johanesburg

Explosions of colour at the We Are One festival in Johannesburg

The Faces of Ponte

So this past weekend marked the first ever Dlala Nje Christmas Party at Ponte City.

An insane turnout of kids from the surrounding areas and orphanages proved to provide a very full day of activity.

There was apparently some street performance, cookies and hot dogs, singing and dancing, presents, presents and lots of laughter. I can’t actually give you my account of what was going on in general – I arrived and started painting faces, 4 hours later I was still painting faces.

I saw innocent little happy face after innocent little happy face and spent hours looking into the eyes of kids filled with hope. There is just something about the innocence and complete trust of a child that makes something shift inside of you. It almost makes you soften from the inside out.

Here is my photo account of the day. Don’t judge the artwork…I did my best!

Faces of Ponte 18 Faces of Ponte 17 Faces of Ponte 16 Faces of Ponte 15 Faces of Ponte 14 Faces of Ponte 13 Faces of Ponte 12 Faces of Ponte 11 Faces of Ponte 10 Faces of Ponte 9 Faces of Ponte 8 Faces of Ponte 7 Faces of Ponte 6 Faces of Ponte 5 Faces of Ponte 4 Faces of Ponte 3 Faces of Ponte 2 Faces of Ponte

The afterglow after the Afterglow

Saturday marked the long awaited post AfrikaBurn celebration in the form of Afterglow. In short, a massive party where you leave the world behind and become part of a community dedicated to ‘wicked tunes, celebration, wild abandon, creativity, participation, radical self expression and whole lot of love’ for a night.

Sounds very hippie. It kind of is. And completely crazy. Every person was dressed up in a costume of sorts – pixies, fairies, hippies, suits and a good few tutus, to name a few, and for that one night, nobody had a care in the world.

The best part of it all was the focus on charity. All proceeds from the tickets went to art grants and participation for the Highveld collective, as well as Burners without Borders. Every person also brought blankets and clothes for those that need them this winter.

The party was organised and run by volunteers. No fighting. No idiots going crazy with drugs and alcohol and causing havoc. It was just really lovely.

It is so refreshing to see people come together without hidden agendas and actually do something good for society, not just themselves.

If you haven’t checked out AfrikaBurn, or not heard of it before, go have a look. It’s a festival of this kind in the Tankwa Karoo where they create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance. The gallery on their site is just breathtaking – the pictures alone have tempted me and I can see how any  person with some creativity in their blood would make the journey to AfrikaBurn.

I, however, need way more convincing to rough it for a few days in the desert of craziness!

Give me your thoughts…

Deadmau5 SA Tour – H20 – 3 December 2011

Didn’t strike you as an H2O gal, hm? Well let me tell you, we had such a good party at the Deadmau5 SA tour at H20 this weekend!

Yes, it’s in Boksburg and yes, there are a lot of boneheads walking around, and yes, there is a LOT of house music (which is not my favourite – I’d much prefer some trance DJ’s on the stage) but it’s actually lots of fun. The vibe at things like this is something you’ll never get anywhere else and I have to say, this was the party of the year.

This must have been the biggest H20 in the history of the ‘party in the sun’ events and Deadmau5 attracted the strangest bunch, I must say. Where else are you going to come across a guy in a lilac speedo with a mouse head on his head? Bizarre and oh-so-entertaining.

Deadmau5 blew the massive crowd away with his phenomenal LED stage and live mixing. It really was phenomenal. The view from the VVIP deck of the crowd going mad is something I’ll never forget. (Yes, VVIP saved me – don’t think I’d have survived with a general ticket).

Well done to everyone involved in making this happen!

Maybe see you at the next one?

Novalja, Croatia

I’m finally getting around to my Croatia posts again…I’ve been far too busy carrying on with normal life and my yoga blog ‘Kiss my Asana‘ to go back and blog about my Croatia trip, but I will focus a little bit on getting it all out there as soon as possible.

Novalja is a town north of Pag Island, known for its bars, clubs and partying. Allegedly.

I saw bars and a hint of some clubs somewhere, but definitely was not feeling the party vibe on my one day spent there. It could be that it was at the end of my holiday and I was so relaxed and holidayed that my party-radar was faulty. It could also have been the kitsch disco balls in every shop along the promenade that shone to the beat of really bad techno music that put me off.

Either way, it was a pleasant little town to visit and we actually found some decent smoothies and yummy vegetarian food there! Croatia is not particularly known for their salad-making skills, so when we found a chickpea salad on the menu at La Paloma cafe on the square, salivation was definitely happening.

A nice little day-trip, I must say.

Traveller info

The ferry from Rijeka to Rab Island to Pag Island stops at Novalja and the last bus to Pag Town from Novalja is at 6pm in the evening from the main bus station. The main bus station is not where the ferry arrives, it is about 15 minutes walk inland.

There is only one ferry daily between Rab and Pag and this departs at around 6 or 7 in the evening.