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Random act of giggles

Sometimes, someone sends you something at exactly the right time that just has you in hysterics. I’ve had a fairly serious week and it has definitely lacked a steady flow of humour. So when a friend mailed me these, they could not have come at a better time. They’re not even the funniest I’ve seen in my life, but, timing is everything, friends.

I am a fan of random acts of kindness, but random acts of giggles are welcome in my life 🙂

I hope that I have just done the same for you…


Corporate Schmorporate

I am in the rat race. There…I admit it. Corporate Schmorporate. One day you will hopefully see a blog post here about how I went on to do my own thing and how I am insanely happy doing something that I love for a living, that brings me constant fulfilment…but for now I will just have a little moan and a laugh.

I came across this artist online – Hugh MacLeod, and his website called “Gaping Void“. His cartoons had me in hysterics. I’ve put together some of my favourite stabs at the corporate world in my current cynical state for you to enjoy.

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All of these cartoons are from Gaping Void.