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Take this into your day today, guys!

Best scene in a movie, EVAAAHH!

Very Inappropriate Vintage Ads

I love this stuff. Show me something old/vintage/period/from another time when life was so completely different and I’m interested. Show something vintage that makes me laugh and I’m even more intrigued. I wonder what people will be saying about our current advertising in 80 years’ time?

Here’s your dose of funny today, enjoy!

Image source: http://ow.ly/pdHHj

The Chase (@ITFS)

Totally feeling like this leopard today:

(Trailer for Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgard in April this year.)

What your Twitter Bio really means

Twitter is an interesting place. It is by far the most useful and honest social media platform and I actually get value from taking part in the Twitter love. The most entertainment for me, is reading people’s Bios and seeing what they really relate to in (online) reality, once you get to know them. I’ve created my list of favourites for your reading pleasure. Feel free to add some of your own.

Bio Reality
Entrepreneur Currently unemployed and once thought about starting some sort of business.
Traveller I go away on holiday once a year in December, after slaving away for 11.5 months in an office. It’s pretty cool.
Views are my own I feel that I am important enough to my big corporate that they care what I say.
Photographer I Instagram a lot of pictures of sunsets.
Lover of life I’m not quite sure what I’m into, but anything you say is cool!
Living on the edge I skydived once.
*Long philosophical sentence about dancing and clouds and love* (I don’t think I need to explain this one.)
Writer I tweet a lot.
I have a passion for everything I’m terribly boring.

*Please note – this is all in jest and in the name of laughs

It is interesting to see how people portray themselves publicly and what their actions actually say…

Having said that, and looked at my Bio again, I have to confess that I don’t actually live on a chandelier. Terribly sorry to disappoint.

Random act of giggles

Sometimes, someone sends you something at exactly the right time that just has you in hysterics. I’ve had a fairly serious week and it has definitely lacked a steady flow of humour. So when a friend mailed me these, they could not have come at a better time. They’re not even the funniest I’ve seen in my life, but, timing is everything, friends.

I am a fan of random acts of kindness, but random acts of giggles are welcome in my life 🙂

I hope that I have just done the same for you…

Never give up on your dreams

Seeing that Klout once said that I am influential about unicorns, I thought that this would be fitting (hee hee):

A Golden Touch

Having many gorgeous nieces and nephews around, I have grown accustomed to reading them bedtime stories filled with ridiculous stories of frogs turning into princes, and the pretty demure princess getting the handsome prince and living happily ever after. A farce based on fanciful stupors of materialistic royalty and shallow goals.

I read a story to my nephew over the weekend that was pretty damn cool, though, in my books.

A Golden Touch

There was once a king who wished that everything he touched would turn to gold.

His wish was granted by a passing fairy, and he ran around his palace turning all his belongings into gold. Vases, statues, plates and even cushions were turned to gold as soon as he touched them.

“I will be so rich,” he thought.

Before long, the king started to feel hungry.

“Bring me some fruit,” he ordered his servant. But when the king picked up an apple, it turned to gold before it even reached his lips.

The king began to feel very sad, but when his wife tried to comfort him with a hug, even she turned to gold.

“I never want to see gold again,” sobbed the king and he wished with all his heart for things to be back to normal.

Luckily, the fairy, who had been watching all along, took pity on him. everything changed back to the way it had been before.

The king had learned his lesson and he knew that there were many ordinary things more valuable than gold.

Okay, so if I had written the story, the fairy wouldn’t have taken pity on the king, but you get the point…

One times laugh

Just for fun.


Just be blunt *Giggle giggle*

I found myself stuck googling Blunt Cards for a while today, a complete digress from researching the latest social media trends on financial services. I had such a giggle.

These cards are really, really blunt…and most of the time just plain bitchy, but I must say that if we are honest with ourselves, we have probably been in a situation where we have thought something along the lines of one of these revoltingly brutal cards (admit it).

Which one’s your favourite?

Today I learnt… to just laugh

Twenty-eight. Twenty. Eight.

How the hell did that happen? Yesterday I was twenty-two, I’m sure?
My first birthday breakdown. I thought that only happened when you’re old?

My goodness gracious me, I’m being a ridiculous fool. The emphasis is on TWENTY, not eight.

Nonetheless, I did have a little wobbly at the thought. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. I may put it on the Internet, but you have thought that too – be honest.

It’s quite easy to criticise yourself for what you have not yet achieved in your life, I realise that now, but why on earth would we choose to do that to ourselves? You can’t have everything – where would you put it?

Life is precious. Every day. Even the bad ones.

All you can do is laugh…just laugh 🙂

Real laughter, not the LOL kind. The kind where someone walks into a sliding door and you’re watching it happen from the other side. Or when a child experiences brain freeze for the first time, after a milkshake. Or when you trip up the stairs in high school and your dress flies up above your head. That didn’t happen to me.

Just laugh.