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Abandoned Hotel on Pag Island, Croatia

On one of my early evening cycles in Pag Town on Pag Island in Croatia, I came across an abandoned hotel with the most amazing view of the Adriatic sea and surrounding mountains. I took this opportunity to wander around this deserted site and take some photos.

It was definitely a highlight of my holiday (yes, everyone call me a nerd together and get it over with), and I kept expecting a drunk hobo to jump at me from around a corner and stab me in the throat with a a shard of glass. But that didn’t happen. I was the only one there. I had my little photo shoot thrill and climbed back on my bike and cycled off into the sunset…

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel Bar – Central One

This one is a 5 star delight. Central One Bar & Restaurant in the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. Quite pricey, but such a stunning venue for sundowners in Sandton. The service is impeccable.

If you like to pretend to be wealthy and famous from time to time like I do, just pop in here for a little drinkie-poo.

When the sunset fades, and the Sandton street lights start showing off, you have a breathtaking view of Sandton Central (the night lights photo below wasn’t actually taken from the bar balcony, but rather from the ZAR bar on the 12th floor – even more overpriced and rather quite dingy, but the view is amazing).

The Central Bar is really worth splashing out for a very overpriced cocktail (or whisky in my case) or two. The vibe is really nice – not the usual hotel vibe, but rather the kind where the people are there by choice, not necessity.

Perfect for tourists, as it is right opposite the Gautrain station in Sandton, and you will be treated like the princess/druglord that you are. Tee hee.