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Homemade Chilli!

It seems that I am on a bit of a ‘homemade’ mission right now. Seeing that I am stuck at home and can’t do anything that involves much ‘doing’ or ‘thinking’ really, it does make sense…

Today’s homemade mission was chilli!
With a handful of fresh chopped chillies, garlic, herbs, olive oil and red wine vinegar, you can make the most delicious fresh chilli relish.

I’m a big fan.

Viva Cabin Fever

Homemade Chilli

Homemade Chilli

Lindt, baby!

The Bad News:
I had a craving for hot chocolate in this icy Jozi weather and found…NONE… in my grocery cupboard.

The Good News:
I decided to make my own hot chocolate and it was the best idea I’ve had all week!

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot live without Lindt dark chocolate, so I have a constant supply in my grocery cupboard. I may not always have bread, but I always have Lindt.

So here’s what to do:

Heat up some milk on the stove
Add a few blocks of Lindt 70% dark chocolate
Add a teaspoon of sugar if it’s too bitter


My Homemade Lindt Hot Chocolate

My Homemade Lindt Hot Chocolate