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Outside of the Corporate Cocoon – what it’s like

Having been in the corporate world and then ventured out on my own, people always ask me what it’s like on “the other side of the fence”. I like to think of it more like “outside of the corporate cocoon”.

I do miss my stable corporate salary from time to time, and perhaps the free stationery and year-end parties. Yes, I miss those things.

I don’t miss the political BS, the STATIC salary, having to put my bum in the same seat every day and all day (regardless of whether or not my bum on the seat was creating productivity), power-hungry execs, having to “put in leave” and have my decisions approved.

I guess that I am just not cut out for that kind of lifestyle and there is some sort of fire inside me that makes me reject it so deeply. I struggled for a long time to figure out what that fire was and why I can’t just be happy with my bum in that seat, and I now know that that fire is entrepreneurship. Some of us have it and it is an exciting quality to explore.

I went to a Google for Entrepreneurs event recently where one of the key speakers, Enzo Kumahor, said “If you’re an entrepreneur, you just know.” There is a lot to do with gut feel and “just knowing” where you should be going. It was fantastic to have someone corroborate thoughts that I have had that I thought nobody else understood.

Stop using can't

Entrepreneurship allows me to grow in which ever direction I choose, make my own decisions and act on them immediately. The opportunities are endless and the thought that I can do anything I want (if I want to) provides breathing space that the corporate cocoon cannot. I no longer have a “role”. I hate that word. I have a purpose. Defined by me.

I’ll write more about my experience along the way. At least you’ll get an honest account here of the highs and lows and I hope that I inspire you to think about where you are right now and if it works for you. We are the only people who can change things for ourselves.


Hate to Love – The Valentine’s Day Saga

I’m not one that’s into Valentine’s day, or much romance at all, but this year I rolled on into Valentine’s Day with a ball of misery.

I faceplanted into Monday after a weekend from which you never want to leave. I then severely botched a meeting that would have been an amazing opportunity for me and which I really need right now. I then got hit in the face with no, not just Tuesday, but Valentine’s Day.

This silly and ridiculous day always brings something to stress about – whether in a relationship or not. What am I going to buy him, will he like it, what are we going to do, what can I afford, am I really happy with him, spending V-Day alone, should I go to a V-Day party, is there such a thing as love...the list is endless. It’s a day of unnecessary stress and self flagellation.

I’m sure that there are couples out there who enjoy this day, getting all loved up and spoilt, but more often than not it’s a dark day of reflection. I stayed away from social media yesterday – it’s just too ridiculous for me to comprehend: “I love you so much my baby, my everything”…tell them, not Facebook!

No, I’m not a bitter singleton, I’m a happy one. But I do believe that the people that gain the most from this silly little day is the retailers.

Nonetheless, I had a lovely evening with my closests (wine, cheese, chocolates and amazing company) and it was definitely the best V-Day I’ve ever had.

Show the people you love every day that you love them – you don’t need a pre-allocated and overpriced day to do it.