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Today I learnt…Fast fasting

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed some moany-moany tweets about starvation and wanting to eat a vegetarian. I am on a 3 day juice fast, people. Bear with me!


We put so much food through our digestive system day in and day out, without a break. Imagine all the gunk in there!

The theory behind fasting is that it permits the entire digestive system to rest while ridding the body of toxins. It cleanses the body and the energy that is usually used for digestion is available for the repair and healing of the body.

People also fast for spiritual reasons, in that it gives them an opportunity to focus their thoughts towards God/spirituality/whatever they’re into.

I just felt like I needed a bodily spring-clean.


I chose a 3 day juice fast. Detoxification programmes and fasting can be dangerous, if not done properly and for long periods of time, so a 3 day juice fast is a safe and relatively fast way to get the job done.

So all it is, is 3 days of only fresh fruit/vegetable juice and water/herbal tea. Sounds easy enough. Ha ha ha ha!! I laugh so!

A fridge full of apples, pears, carrots, lemon and ginger and motivation on Day 1.

Today is Day 3. The fridge holds a few carrots and a cucumber. I nearly ate my roommate yesterday.

I feel amazingly light and energetic now, though…


Day 1 and 2:

Mornings were fine. Afternoons filled with starvation and detox headaches. Juice fasts tend to detox you quicker than normal fasts and the toxins released cause intense headaches. This is apparently a good thing, though. But Oh My Soul…they hurt like mad. Sweating it out, drinking lots of water and peppermint tea helps though.

Day 3:

I’m still alive! I don’t want to kill or eat anyone. Whew! I feel great. No hunger. Glad that it’s nearly over!


Again, I have realised how much I love food and wine and the social aspect of eating. I chose a time when there was nothing really going on socially, and I could relax and take it easy while my body does it’s thing, but I would have struggled a lot more if I had to decline a meal out or a glass of wine with a friend!

I am impressed with my own willpower and inner strength.

I’m sticking out the last few hours on a positive note – Gold Stars to me…

Today I learnt…fasting isn’t for sissies

I’ve been fasting for the past few days and today is my first real day of eating food again, and thought I’d share my experience with you.

As my title says, fasting definitely isn’t for sissies! I did a 3-day juice fast, which basically mean that for 3 days I didn’t eat any food and only drank water and raw vegetable juice at meal times. Let me tell you the thinking behind it before you all think I’ve gone bonkers…

So there are various reasons for fasting (health and spiritual reasons) and mine were health-related. It’s said that fasting is a healing agent, giving rest to your system and eliminating impurities that have accumulated for years. The theory behind it is that during a fast, the energy that is usually directed towards digestion is available for repair and healing of the body and clears the mind. Seeing that I’m approaching 30 (still far away, but nonetheless, approaching) and I have never given my body a proper rest, I thought I’d give it a go. A bit of clarity never hurt anyone, anyway!

Sounds so good in theory, but in practice…holy moly it was difficult. You don’t realise how much time in your life is dedicated to preparing and eating food, and how much of a social role it plays, until you take it away.

I struggled…a lot…and not because I was hungry and weak – that feeling went away after about a day and a half – but more because the rituals of preparing food and eating are such a big part of my life. Without them, I felt completely lost!

It made me realise how much I love and appreciate food and how much I enjoy socialising over a meal or glass of wine and how much I love to cook. I have a new-found respect for everything that I consume. I have been privileged enough in my life to never have had to feel hunger for more than a few hours and this was quite a reality check for me. I was grumpy as hell for those three days (thanks to those around me for just putting up with it!), but nonetheless I am so glad that I tried this out. (Losing a kg or two was a nice side-effect as well).

I can’t say that I’ll do it again in a hurry, but I’m pretty sure that I will do it again in my life. It’s like getting a tattoo…sore as hell, but feels good at the same time.