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Not (just) a pretty face – my introduction to real skin care

I’m no beauty blogger, let’s just get this straight. I think I’ve been for one facial in my life, getting my nails done bores me (unless I can play on my iPad at the same time) and I have a hairdresser friend that does house visits (to avoid the hair salon).


I had some photos taken on the weekend (for top secret, still-to-be-revealed reasons) and a close look at them made me realise that I needed help – in my face. You see, I have extremely sensitive skin. So bloody fussy that I can’t even wear eye make-up, which is always so damn pretty  – I hate those girls who can (i.e. everyone). I am also in the sun quite a bit with my horse-child, with mostly no suncream because that causes breakouts. With my blonde-hair-blue-eyes syndrome, this is all a recipe for disaster.

A friend took me to Tusc Medical Aesthetics in Sandton to have a chat about my issues and to get some samples of some real face care to see how that works with me. I was greeted by some perfect peaches-and-cream faces and had a skin analysis done. We sat for ages, talking about all my issues and how we’re going to fix them. I was introduced to Dermalogica and their Ultracalming range in particular (for stupid-sensitive skin like mine). I walked out with a bag full of samples like it’s Christmas and strict instructions of what to use when and where and how and how much and in what order.


Now this is a new concept to me. Don’t you just wash your face and then slap some moisturiser on? No siree…you do not. You pre-cleanse, then you cleanse, then you apply toners and concentrates and moisturisers and SPFs and barrier repairs. And then you’re beautiful 😉

I thought this was going to be a revolting schlep, but after just the first time I used the products, I felt relief in my skin. I didn’t realise how stressed it was until I pampered it with the right products. This stuff seems amazing.

Now I have a problem. I want to buy all of it. And it ain’t cheap. And did I tell you I have a horse? That ain’t cheap either. (So if any of you would like to send some social media work my way that would be great – check out my site at www.socialideas.co.za #ShamelessSelfPromotion)

I think that as we get older, we start to realise how important it is to take care of our skin. I’m on it now, I swear.

*This post is NOT sponsored or paid for, this is just my own experience that I want to share with my readers.