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Look at my guns, boet

Life is hectic. Especially at this time of the year. I don’t know about you, but with me it seems like everyone woke up to the fact that they haven’t achieved everything they intended to this year, and need to squish it all into the last month. I have been insanely busy.

Sometimes we just need a boost to get us through.

I recently attended the XS Power Drink launch at Jozi X – an adventure centre in Bryanston which I’ve been wanting to attempt for a long time (due to lazy friends, I hadn’t been to the park up until then).

We were told to “dress comfortably for an afternoon of adventure”. So I promptly asked if we were going to win prizes from our activities (of which the answer was “Yes, awesome prizes”) and thus rocked up in full gym gear, ready to win. Because I like to win. I must win.


A few of these babies later, I was ready to WIN the obstacle course, which they reckon was pretty mild, but it was HARD, people, HARD.Lemon_Straight300dpi


Fuelled with all the energy stuff that they pack into these drinks, I obviously beat the big guy I was up against, because I am a machine. I mean, check out these guns!



And yes, my team won (obvs). I think we probably had more XS Power Drinks than the other guys…

Popcorncandi Winning


So the low-down on the drink itself? It tastes good (unlike other energy drinks out there), is low in calories, contains no sugar and is high in Vitamin B. It’s available only from Amway – you can get it online at www.amway.co.za. It’s available in SA in Electric Lemon Blast and Tropical Blast flavours (I enjoyed both and then enjoyed both again).

*All photos courtesy of XS Power Drink and Fleishman, you can contact me for more details.

My Sanity


I LOVE my exercise. I can’t cope without it. It’s my sanity, my health regulator and helps me fit into my bikini (somewhat). It makes me happy.

I went into this year with a big problem. I had been having years of lower back pain after exercise, due to some sort of lower back disc issue that I can’t fathom to try and explain in normal human language. I had just started running and was IN LOVE with it, training for my first 10km ever and feeling on top of the world. Until my back gave in again and I was back at the physio in excruciating pain. I was told to give up the running and any sort of impact sports – my lower back just can’t cope with it.

I moaned about it a lot, having a go at all the fat, lazy people who have perfectly healthy spinal discs that don’t want to exercise. A friend suggested I try biokinetics, after it had helped him when he had been told he’d never run again, and then did.

I walked into the closest biokinetics centre and decided to give it a go. Sarah-Jane took me on and probably thought I was a little nuts just walking in and saying ‘I have no idea what this is all about, but can you help me run again?’. She promised that she would. Like it was nothing. ‘Yeah right’ I thought. But gave it a try in any case.

It’s been about 9 months of stretching, strengthening, aligning and stabilising. I’ve been doing my exercise programs every day (even the ones I hate) and taken on swimming as my main form of exercise (which I first thought was naff, but started to really enjoy it). Every biokinetics session assessed my progress and pushed me on at a pace that my body was happy with. It turned out that all my core and back supporting muscles were in essence, not functioning at all, and my injured lower back was taking all the strain – over and over again. We worked on fixing this.

So here is the announcement, ladies and gentlemen, I have just recently been given the go-ahead to start jogging again. This is a huge success. I feel a trillion times stronger than when I first walked into the centre that day, wincing in pain. I’ve had a few jogging sessions already and not one single sign of any pain or distress in my back. It feels incredible and I have no doubt that I will be running again very soon – something I didn’t think I would ever do again.

It’s amazing what your body can achieve with patience, hard work and the right professional guiding you.

I still can’t actually tell you what biokinetics is (it’s such a silly word), but I can tell you that Humphry and Healey Biokinetics have helped me so tremendously with my injury that I would suggest every single one of you go and see them if you have a sports or movement related issue.

Today I learnt…that horses are awesome.

Having had a few horse riding lessons from my dear friend, Liz “The Horse Whisperer”, I have recently discovered a hidden love for these beautiful animals. This is the culprit, Bella:

Now this poses a bit of a problem for me as I definitely can’t afford to have a love for horses, but I’m just going with it for now. If you’d like to help me fund this little hobby, I’d love to do some business with you in the social media space – find me at @mysocialideas on Twitter and Social Ideason Facebook (cheeky business punt there).

So why do I want to jump onto the back of a big muscular animal? Because I’ve learnt a lot from this so far:

I’ve learnt that you don’t just ride a horse…you work bloody hard at it first and then it starts working out. You don’t climb on and push a button, this is a living, breathing, thinking animal.

I’ve learnt that confidence counts far more than just knowing what you’re doing and together with persistence, something’s going to give.

I’ve learnt respect. Respect others and you will get respect in return.

I’ve learnt that every horse is different, and each one needs an approach specific to them.

Some metaphors for life in there, methinks?

I’ll keep at it, I’m gaining so much already.

And I’ll get some proper riding boots…having a horse stand on your foot is painful!

Pedal to the Medal – Guiness World Record Cycle Attempt

Virgin Active is attempting a Guiness World Record for the most bums on seats on Monday 5 December at 8pm. This is a global initiative and quite exciting, as us spinners that don’t actually cycle in the real world like to take part in whatever cool spinning event comes our way. I think this one will do the trick :0)

It’s only an hour and at least we didn’t get a ridiculous 1am slot! Keen to join me? Sign up at your closest branch.

Mind over Body, or Body over Mind?

I participated in my first spinathon for charity this past Saturday, hosted by Virgin Active in aid of raising funds and awareness for the The Bigshoes Foundation. The foundation is an amazing initiative to provide medical assistance to orphaned and vulnerable children, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. I was quite humbled that my participation in this event helped to raise funds for a foundation that is so full of heart.

It was such an awesome vibe and there were loads of goodies and prizes (although I would have much preferred if those freebies were rather converted into funds and donated to the charity), and really quite relaxed. I was even tweeting and facebooking from my bike!


Well done to the organisers – it was great fun! Support the foundation in any way you can. You can also follow them on Twitter @bigshoessa and join their Facebook group – Friends of Bigshoes.

Here’s my personal take on the whole concept:

It started as a grudge purchase…”must go to gym so that I can keep enjoying my food without getting fat”. It then became an escape from an unhappy relationship and exercise is now an essential part of my life! Not only does it feel good, but the side effects are really quite a bonus! Starting a day with a wonderful rush of endorphins never hurt anyone.

So when I decided at the last minute to join a 3 hour spinathon, I didn’t really think twice. Spinning is easy for me and lots of fun. I woke up and rolled out of bed into my spinning gear, not even bothering to have breakfast on the way out the door. Apparently it was actually quite a challenge, but it surprisingly wasn’t that difficult for me…huh? 3 Hours non-stop on a stationary bike at intervals of high and low impact…there is something wrong with my head, I think.

This then bears the question – was it a case of mind over body, or body over mind? Did my mind tell my body it was easy, or did my body tell my mind to shut off and just do it? Either way, I think it made me realise that our bodies are far stronger than we believe that they are. This then also means that our minds are definitely stronger than we think!

Exercise is powerful.

I’ve had numerous signs over the past few days since the spinathon to tell me that I’m stronger than I think –  something is definitely shifting in this mind of mine.

I encourage you to do something this week that moves you, in body and mind. It’s how we feel alive…