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Sensation SA Innerspace 2013 – My review

Many people are surprised to hear that I attend some of the big EDM parties – it doesn’t seem to fit with my perceived image.  Their idea of these things is grossly inaccurate and I find great entertainment is people’s facial expressions when I tell them I’m going to a “rave”. But I do love to immerse myself in a different world from time to time, where the DJ and visual effects take your heart right down into your stomach and then explode it out again through your brain (really not sure how else to explain it).

So here’s my review of the much talked about Sensation Innerspace party last night.

The visual effects were phenomenal. Really. The elaborate revolving stage and DJ booth, fountains of water and lights, massive white balls hanging from the ceiling that lit up different colours and moved with the music, fireworks, smoke explosions, digital screens, it was unbelievable.

Sensation SA Innerspace 2013

The Deluxe area was great. Clean bathrooms with free perfume samples, plenty of open space, seating, tables, couches, coat check, decent bars (although they ran out of a lot of basics quite early, which was really unacceptable, considering the ticket price that didn’t include any free drinks). The sound there was great. A walk down in the general area showed some serious sound echo issues, though, which would have driven me bonkers.

As for the music, well, it was less than desirable for me, I’m afraid. Put a decent trance DJ on the stage and I’m happy, but the music last night was really not my style. I don’t think it was a lot of people’s style either. The crowd was quite young, though and this was likely their “first rave”, so they would have enjoyed whatever EDM was blasting through the speakers, I’m sure (me=judging).

My summary? Great production and a phenomenal visual show. Ruined by the music, the “wet-behind-the-ears” crowd and being heavily overpriced.


My hospital experience – from the desk of Candi’s freaking head

Okay so my first real more-than-a-day hospital experience finally came and went (well, almost…check-out is tomorrow, based on my good behaviour). If it weren’t for the pain, it would actually be such an entertaining event.

My ‘cellmate’ is a really rough Afrikaans, tattooed, 40-something year old woman with wild hair whose pastimes included snoring, grunting, and occasionally farting. If the curtain between us happens to part, she takes that as a cue to complain to me how badly run the hospital is and that she has diabetes and that and that and that. Absolutely charmed to have met her.

On the other side of the Nutter is a window to a beautiful garden filled with birds. 17000 birds that all start screeching at 4am and continue throughout the day, singing songs to the sick.

And while I am napping ever so lightly to the songs of screeching Indian Myner birds, I can rest assured that all the metal ware in the hospital is being cleaned vigorously by the staff, who are so happy to be doing that, that they clang the metal ware together in happy chants, as if they are the tap dogs of the hospital.

They do serve some nice tea, though, so I have heard. I asked for some last night when my vegetarian meal came as a beef casserole and decided to give up on explaining what ‘no meat’ meant. The problem was that I could not move to shift myself high enough to actually drink the tea and could not reach the nurse’s bell to get some help, so dinner was the fresh aroma of a nice steamy pot of tea.

My crazy friends have saved the day, though, promptly arriving during visiting hours to say inappropriate things really loudly (I hope my cellmate doesn’t beat me tonight) and to fill my cupboard with Lindt chocolate and Woolies goodies.

All jokes aside, I need to go prepare myself for a stranger to stick painkillers up my ass…again.

It’s been real.