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East meets West Village School Tour – GoThai

I’m currently staying at the Elephant Nature Park (which will receive its’ own dedicated post) and part of the volunteer schedule here was to make a quick visit to the school of the village nearby.

It was a humbling experience and made me really see how Thailand is almost completely dependent on the tourist trade for survival.

The school is at primary level and the kids are eager to learn English and skills that will help them to make money if they don’t make it to high school (the closest high school is in Chiang Mai city and most don’t get the opportunity to get a high school education).

They had prepared activities for us where they can practice their skills, like craft and jewellery making, music, English and Maths knowledge sharing, Thai foot massage and iced coffee bar. Whilst giving foot massages, the young girls have their English books out and practising their phrases with us, like ‘Where are you from’, ‘How long have you been in Thailand’, ‘Have you enjoyed your stay so far’… All the general tourist questions.

In the classroom, the kids were crazy to show us what they knew and show us their books and ask questions. If you pulled out your camera, it was quickly snatched up and photos taken of everyone.

I’ll leave you with some of those shots…














The afterglow after the Afterglow

Saturday marked the long awaited post AfrikaBurn celebration in the form of Afterglow. In short, a massive party where you leave the world behind and become part of a community dedicated to ‘wicked tunes, celebration, wild abandon, creativity, participation, radical self expression and whole lot of love’ for a night.

Sounds very hippie. It kind of is. And completely crazy. Every person was dressed up in a costume of sorts – pixies, fairies, hippies, suits and a good few tutus, to name a few, and for that one night, nobody had a care in the world.

The best part of it all was the focus on charity. All proceeds from the tickets went to art grants and participation for the Highveld collective, as well as Burners without Borders. Every person also brought blankets and clothes for those that need them this winter.

The party was organised and run by volunteers. No fighting. No idiots going crazy with drugs and alcohol and causing havoc. It was just really lovely.

It is so refreshing to see people come together without hidden agendas and actually do something good for society, not just themselves.

If you haven’t checked out AfrikaBurn, or not heard of it before, go have a look. It’s a festival of this kind in the Tankwa Karoo where they create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance. The gallery on their site is just breathtaking – the pictures alone have tempted me and I can see how any  person with some creativity in their blood would make the journey to AfrikaBurn.

I, however, need way more convincing to rough it for a few days in the desert of craziness!

Give me your thoughts…