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A day in the life of…

I’m busy spending time with my sister and her family in Sydney, Australia and seeing that they have a gorgeous little one-year old boy (my godson Cian), life tends to revolve around him. Understandably. If I was that cute I’d also have life revolve around me 🙂 No seriously…with a little one like that crawling around, little is left for anything else – especially seeing that he is the busiest baby I have ever seen and doesn’t stop for a second.

We decided that we would get out to the Northern beaches of Sydney today and have a little bit of beach time. For my sister and I it was complete mayhem trying to get together a car boot full of necessities, feeding, arranging around sleep times, hanging the washing before we leave, remembering to get ourselves dressed etc. For him, it was just another day of attention. We never actually got to play on the beach because the weather turned just as we were ready to start the party, so we got back in the car and went home…gofigure. We will try this again soon.

So I thought that I would document this little trip as ‘A day in the life of Cian – the picture diary’.

While you faff, I’m gonna run around like a mad child. Awesome. Thanks.

Yeah totally, vegemite is awesome for the mouth area. And it makes my hands sticky. Cool! Come pick me up, I dare you.

Mmmm…a little sleep in the car on the way.

Where’s my bucket and spade? Actually, let’s go find some food first.

Yes! Pigeons!! Right, so I’ll throw my food on the floor to lure them in and as soon as they’re under my chair I’ll throw my toys on their heads. Sweet.

No thanks, too windy now. Let’s go back home.

At least I got a bit of beach towel