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My Yoga Blog

For my subscribers – if you are interested, I have just started a yoga blog: Kiss my Asana.

I am embarking on a little Ashtanga yoga journey with Ekam yoga studio this week, so keep up with the progress (or more likely pain and swearing) there.


Ashtanga Yoga – Photos

I recently started Ashtanga Yoga classes, based on the constant yoga buzz in my ear from @ClareMelina, resident yogi ‘green city gal’ (you can check out her blog,  Beauty in Balance).

I must say, every Ashtanga Yogi will give you the whole speech on how they can’t live without it, and yoga is their life, and will give you a long lecture about a constant love-hate relationship that they have with yoga. Let me tell you now that it is all true. The amazing changes that it starts to make to your mind and body are very unexpected, even though you are told to expect it.

I had a bit of a wobble in my practice (after I did the 6 week beginners course at Ekam Yoga) due to my recent operation, but will definitely get back to it as soon as I can.

There will be more yoga posts to come once I am able to get back into it, I am sure, but the point of this post is to share the yoga photos I took of Clare in the Transkei. I claim that the beauty of the shots has nothing to do with me, but rather the remarkable setting that we were in and the Bionic Woman strength of the yoga model.