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South Africans, stand up and cheer!

Having recently been on holiday two weekends in a row, to unbelievably beautiful places of South Africa, I’d like to raise my glass to all my fellow South Africans living in the country. We have an amazing life, we really do. Where else in the world can you road-trip for 2 hours and be in a completely different world, greeted by butterflies and waterfalls, all on a shoe-string budget? Where else can you visit an (illegal) mampoer farm, get a tour, what can only be described as a theatrical performance, and hang out at the bar tasting mampoer with the farmer for under R50?

Where else will you find ‘twee meisies alleen innie bos’ (translation: two girls alone in the bush) down in the dust changing a Land Rover tyre in their bikinis? Where else can you go for a little walk and come across a 127m waterfall? Where else can you do all of this, turn a silver car into a filthy brown replica of a machine and then sit and read a book while it gets cleaned at the car wash?

Where else can you experience so much nature and open spaces just on your doorstep wherever you are in the country? Where else do people live in the lifestyle that we do, as comfortably as we do?

Africa has its’ issues but f#*% me, we live in an awesome country.

Cheers to all of my fellow South Africans who are lapping it up here in SA (we do work our butts off, don’t forget that) and really enjoying our lives in the beauty that we call South Africa.


The Chase (@ITFS)

Totally feeling like this leopard today:

(Trailer for Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgard in April this year.)

The afterglow after the Afterglow

Saturday marked the long awaited post AfrikaBurn celebration in the form of Afterglow. In short, a massive party where you leave the world behind and become part of a community dedicated to ‘wicked tunes, celebration, wild abandon, creativity, participation, radical self expression and whole lot of love’ for a night.

Sounds very hippie. It kind of is. And completely crazy. Every person was dressed up in a costume of sorts – pixies, fairies, hippies, suits and a good few tutus, to name a few, and for that one night, nobody had a care in the world.

The best part of it all was the focus on charity. All proceeds from the tickets went to art grants and participation for the Highveld collective, as well as Burners without Borders. Every person also brought blankets and clothes for those that need them this winter.

The party was organised and run by volunteers. No fighting. No idiots going crazy with drugs and alcohol and causing havoc. It was just really lovely.

It is so refreshing to see people come together without hidden agendas and actually do something good for society, not just themselves.

If you haven’t checked out AfrikaBurn, or not heard of it before, go have a look. It’s a festival of this kind in the Tankwa Karoo where they create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance. The gallery on their site is just breathtaking – the pictures alone have tempted me and I can see how any  person with some creativity in their blood would make the journey to AfrikaBurn.

I, however, need way more convincing to rough it for a few days in the desert of craziness!

Give me your thoughts…

Soweto Bicycle Tour

Wow, what an amazing experience in Soweto today on our bicycle tour! Organised by Lebo’s Backpackers in Soweto, it was a 4 hour bicycle tour through Soweto, touching on local life, a shebeen visit, Miriam Makeba‘s home suburb, Mandela House, Desmond Tutu‘s house and local food.

It was such an amazing experience, I can’t even explain it. @ClareMelina and I are going to start a blog on our “i heart Jozi” excursions and this will be our first post, but while I was looking through my photos from today, I couldn’t resist doing a quick post to show you.

The kids were definitely my highlight of the tour. They are all smiling and friendly and being real kids…playing outside like we used to in the “old days”. They happily pose for photos with big smiles on their faces in exchange for sweeties…’shoot me’ they say…hmmm!

I absolutely loved it. Soweto is not scary at all and so culturally rich. Every Joburger needs to experience it.

Keep tuned in for updates on our new Jozi blog coming up, but in the meantime feast your eyes on my pics.

(Please feel free to use these photos, but I just ask that you link them back to this site to acknowledge ownership)

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