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Very Inappropriate Vintage Ads

I love this stuff. Show me something old/vintage/period/from another time when life was so completely different and I’m interested. Show something vintage that makes me laugh and I’m even more intrigued. I wonder what people will be saying about our current advertising in 80 years’ time?

Here’s your dose of funny today, enjoy!

Image source: http://ow.ly/pdHHj

Ads you’ll never see again

You’ve probably come across these before – they’re hilarious! My favourite is the cocaine drops…charming.


Ads you’ll never see again…

Baked, darling

I haven’t done a post in a while, mainly due to the fact that my cheese was recently moved very very far away from me into a corner of a freaking maze. (If you haven’t read that book yet by Dr. Johnson, you can find a slideshow summary here).

So having swiftly evolved out of the corporate world and having to face all sorts of scary decisions, I sometimes wish that I was a 50’s housewife, having to worry less about how to earn a salary and more about what to make for dinner tonight.

But then again, I don’t do ironing or toilet cleaning…and I also might just end up like this…


Viva La Revolution! A new chapter begins.