Uber chauffeur service now in Jozi!

Listen up, folks – you want to hear about this. I tried out Uber chauffeur service on the weekend and was thoroughly impressed.


It’s a 5 star chaffeur service, run exclusively by an app on your iPhone/Android. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the UBER mobile app (iPhone/Androidor go online at m.uber.comand register (you will need to enter your credit card details to register, but don’t worry – your details are safe)
  2. Pinpoint your pickup location (and if you want a  quote and estimated trip time, your final destination too), and order your chauffeur.
  3. You will be sent a confirmation SMS and be provided with the details and photo of your driver, details of the car and registration as well as estimated time of arrival. You can contact the driver via phone/SMS at any time if you need to.
  4. Don’t worry about waiting outside: the app shows you exactly where your driver is and you’ll get a text message when your car is arriving.
  5. You will be picked up in a BMW 3/5 Series, Mercedes E /S Class  or Audi A6s. No messing around with average cars!


6. All payments are seamlessly processed with your account’s credit card, there’s no need to tip, and a receipt is immediately emailed after your ride.

Now here’s the part you really need to pay attention to…

Uber has sponsored some free rides to up to 1,000 popcorncandi.com readers! When you register, enter the promo code “PopcornCandi” (not case sensitive) and get 2 free rides up to R200 each. (Note: The promo is only available to new users)

Go on – give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Feel free to share this with your friends as well so that they can experience it too.

For more info: Find their website here or find them on Twitter here.


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