GoThai Day Few: Diving from Lanta

Koh Lanta offers some really good diving and I thought it would be a good place to revive my diving ‘skills’.

An old friend from school is a videographer for a dive centre there (Scuba Fish – I would highly recommend them) and I left him in charge of my dive schedule.

First up was Koh Haa, an easy and beautiful dive site about an hour from Kantiang Bay. A fantastic place for me to get comfortable in the water again and see some pretty fishies.

Being out on the boat is a pure love in my life and the diving comes at a bonus 😉 If you’ve ever taken a nap on a boat, rocking you to sleep with the sound of light waves, you’ll know what I mean….

Next up was Koh Phi Phi on Christmas Day. The most fun I have had on Christmas day, I must say! Being Thailand, Christmas is not a big deal in their lives, but they do make some effort to get a bit of Christmas spirit going on the island.

My dive instructor, Paul, decorated our tanks with tinsel (I was hoping that it would attract some sharks, but alas…) and we had Christmas hats and reindeer antlers to dive with. Shenanigans, diving and sunshine….aaaahhhhh!

Next up – Hin Daeng. Apparently one of the best dive sites in Thailand. Amazing! You should definitely try that dive site if you are on the Western islands…most colourful dives with loads of schools of brightly coloured fish – everywhere. spotted two Manta Rays as well which was a nice surprise!

Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving Koh Lanta Diving


2 responses to “GoThai Day Few: Diving from Lanta

  • Leandie

    Looks absolutely amazing … your adventures are really helping me get trough the boring festive season work days.

    Happy new year 🙂

    • PopcornCandi

      Thanks! It’s been really difficult to blog along the way on this trip – I really should have packed laptop! Wifi is almost everywhere, but no device to use! Funny – I’m currently north of Chiang Mai in a very modest elephant sanctuary where there are basic facilities, no phone reception, but good wifi! SA needs to catch up. Good luck for the last stretch of festive season low-down…

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