GoThai Day 1: Ao Nang, Krabi


After a long and tiring trip from deep dark Africa, I finally arrived in Ao Nang, Krabi.

Following warnings that it is somewhat of a shithole, I did not expect much, but having spent 5 hours in Addis Ababa airport, I have a true benchmark for what a shithole really is. Krabi is not that.

Ao Nang is a cute little touristy beach that serves as more of a transit zone to other islands than anything else. Nonetheless, it has its quirks and my day here has been awesome.

I started with a cocktail at a dodgy beach bar when I arrived last night that I paid horrendously too much for. I did have a good giggle though…

Pink Lady Cocktail

Pink Lady Cocktail

Woke up stupid-late this morning and headed to the beach. Towards the end of the beach are rows and rows of massage huts, with sun chairs under the trees. This is a cool place to hang out all day and they feed you loads of fresh fruit as long as you use their services, which is not a terribly bad deal at all. A foot massage is actually a foot, leg, head, neck, face massage in one hour of heavenly madness for a ridiculously cheap price. Only in Thailand!

Steer clear of the monkeys at the bottom of the cliff – they’re everywhere – like cute little furry flies. They steal everything.


Day one = success and I am madly in love with Thailand again.


Off to Koh Lanta tomorrow for some more…


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