Today I learnt… Why you shouldn’t attend your high school reunion

Ha ha ha…if you’re reading this post, then I will probably get along with you – your sick sense of curiosity amuses me šŸ˜‰

This past weekend brought with it my 10 year high school reunion. After much umming and aahing, I eventually decided to go and see what happened to the jocks and the blonde squad.

And here are my reasons why you should not go to your high school reunion:

1. If it is organised by Miss Priss Prefect, it’s unlikely to have any fun attached to it, unless you are there to show off Ā the big diamond rock on your finger and pretend that your life of baby puke and finding the 6 pack in your husband’s beer boep is amaaaaaaaazing. I guess that can be fun for some.

2. You’re likely not to recognise a lot of the people and spend the entire time making your brain split open trying to remember names and how you know the person. They’re looking at you with that same pained look.

3. There will always be that someone who completely ignored your existence in high school and is now suddenly asking intimate details of your life. Awkward.

4. The days of bitching about every other “group” of people in school is so far gone that I don’t even remember what it’s all about. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t very good at it in the first place.

5. You will feel like a monkey in a zoo.

6. The high school dynamics don’t change. Same shit, different decade. Rather keep up with people’s amaaaaaaazing (pretend) lives on Facebook. It’s easier that way.

7. If you wanted to keep in touch with everyone at school, you would have. ForcedĀ friendshipĀ for an evening is not natural.

That being said, I am actually glad I went to that revolting event. It made me realise how happy I am with the life that I have created for myself. It made me appreciate what I have achieved and the place that I am in right now. I am okay with those crow’s feet forming at the side of my eyes because it means that I have grown up. That’s more than a lot of others can say.

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