Avis SA Derby 2012

Yesterday marked my first ever SA Derby…and my first ever horse show for that matter. Go big or go home, hey?

What an amazing event! After having started horse riding this year and only recently started formal riding lessons, I am in complete awe of the derby riders and horses and how they do what they do. As an outsider to the horse industry, it does not look like much effort or work, but when you understand the amount of work and sweat and hours that go into working with a horse, you understand. I’ve only recently gotten to my horse to be okay with turning towards the left and not to buck when asked to trot…

I take my hat off to these riders and their amazing horses! I just hope that they treat their horses with love and respect – I’d hate to find myself supporting a sport that is abusive or unkind to animals (like horse racing – guilty – lesson learnt). Now that I am getting more involved in the horse industry, I’ve discovered that certain acts and training methods are not something I agree with!

Nevertheless – the kind of events at the derby seem quite harmless and you can see that most of the riders have an amazing relationship with their horses and only wish them the best…

See you next year at the derby?

P.S. There was also sushi 🙂 Horses, sushi and cocktails – does a girl need anything more?

Here are a few pics from the day:


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