You know you’ve made it when…

I came across this competition yesterday from Oudemeester:

[Cool idea for a campaign. The winners get a bottle of Demant, Crystal glasses and a diamond. Pretty sauve. See their Facebook page or Twitter for more details.]

Diamonds aside, this got me thinking.

How do you know when you’ve made it? 

I posed the question on my Facebook page and expected my numbnut friends to come up with some ridonculous ideas of wealth and success. I remember once paging through a lifestyle magazine (yes, once upon a time there were things called magazines and they were printed on paper), and saw a house with a beautiful wild forest garden. In this fairy garden paradise was an open air kitchen and dining area. I cut out the picture and stuck it on my fridge and told myself that you know you’ve made it when you have an outdoor kitchen in your forest fairy garden.

Although that would be bloody marvelous and I wouldn’t say no to having one if I had the means, in all honesty there are much deeper and more satisfactory signs that you’ve made it in life.

Here are some of my Facebook friends answers to my status “You know you’ve made it when…”

  • you don’t need to brag about your ‘achievements’ on Facebook anymore
  • you have a penis butler
  • ‎……. you’re happy
  • you can look back and actually be proud of what you have achieved and how far you have come…
  • you get back to the stable and your T-shirt isn’t full of dirt at the back (from falling off a horse)!
  • …you no longer need Facebook to complete your sentences.
  • all the things you dream of come true… It is an ongoing thing for me, not just a single moment
  • people don’t judge you for doing arb things like eating a bacon, asparagus and mayonaise salad. They think you’re starting a trend.

Okay, so besides the penis butler comment (not sure what that is all about?) it looks like I have some pretty sensible Facebook friends. Nobody mentioned a forest fairy garden kitchen, though. I must be wrong.

So, Oudemeester, although I haven’t entered your competition as I don’t have a bottle of Demant in my hand, here is my answer to your question:


How do you know when you’ve made it?


  • When the things most important to you in your life have never been bought
  • When the greatest joy in your life is seeing pure joy in the face of someone else and knowing that you helped make that happen
  • When you look into the face of fear and say “Yippeee!”. No matter how bad the situation, you know that there is always a way.
  • When you find happiness in every day

How do you know when you’ve made it?


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