‘The power of the horse’


Following my new love affair with horses, I’ve found it quite difficult to explain the inherent emotional power that they possess. Not only do I not fully understand it, but what I do understand is very difficult to put into words.

Shumbashaba touches really nicely on this topic in their blog post Shumbashaba “Therapists”.

To quote from the article by Jacqui Du Plessis:

“They demand emotional and behavioural consistency and remain rooted in the present moment. Engaging with a horse requires of you to be honest and open. No matter your mood, attitude or actions, you can be sure the horse will mirror it – change these and the horse will respond likewise. It has been speculated that no animal is more sensitive to human moods and non-verbal communication than a horse. This provides a unique and powerful opportunity to reflect on oneself, to identify needs, and to explore the actions required to meet these. What can be more powerful than digging deep inside oneself to find your very own solutions?”

That may be the verbalisation I’ve been looking for.


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