A reminder of respect – from Van Ryn’s Au.Ra

Van Ryn’s Au.Ra

It’s not very often that I get an opportunity to experience top-end luxury products and I was privileged enough to be exposed to (and taste) the Van Ryn’s golden Au.Ra at a launch last week in the penthouse apartment of the Michelangelo Hotel (breathtaking).

This brandy holds quite a little story…

Named after gold (Au) and the Egyptian sun god (Ra), Au.Ra has been handcrafted with patience, skill, and dedication with respect to a brandy that has taken a lifetime to create (yes, a lifetime – this brandy is older than me).

What really struck me about this brandy, is the amount of love, care and respect that has gone into its’ making. The handblown crystal glass decanter was created by acclaimed glass artist, David Reade, the handmade oak wooden box by James Mudge and the silver neckpiece by Bridget Zietkewicz. Each piece was individually hand-crafted and Marlene Bester is the brandy distiller behind the 30 year-old pot still brandy. Each designer has crafted a piece of themselves into their designs for this brandy.

David Reade

James Mudge

Bridget Zietkewicz

Only 107 bottles have been made and you need to apply to purchase one on their site.

What I took away from that evening, was not only a newfound appreciation of brandy, but also a reminder of the rewards that come from time, love and care. The Van Ryn’s marketing material on the Au.Ra tries to convince us that this is perfection. Although I think it may be very close, I’m more inclined to think that the outcome of time, love and care is respect.

It was a fantastic reminder of how much work and how difficult it is to gain true respect. Let’s not forget that in our lives…

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