People will always let you down

My poor blog is about to be my own personal therapy centre. I apologise in advance.

I recently spoke to a therapist who lectured me about the fact that I don’t lean on friends and family when I need support. I promptly asked her why I should do that because I’m really the only one who is ever actually there for me, so why should I set myself up to be disappointed?

It is not logical to me.

People always say, ‘I’m here for you.’


When I actually take the plunge and decide, okay, maybe I should lean on someone else a bit for support ( as I am told to do) I realise that the wall that is ‘there for me’ is an illusion.

What’s the damn point?

No, Miss Therapist, I disagree with you.

Don’t be fooled, folks, it’s each (wo)man for herself in this world.


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