A little bit of luxury…


As part of learning to love myself, and because I believe that self-pampering is one of life’s necessities, I’m going to bring your attention to a business that has my attention at the moment: Body Thrills

I found Body Thrills along the way in my social media meanders and that being my passion and my work, they attracted my attention immediately. Having done all their marketing on social media alone (from what I can tell) and having done it really well (which is unusual in South Africa at the moment), I feel that it is my prerogative to give them a little punt on my blog. That and the fact that this blog post is an entry into a competition to win a nice big voucher for my pampering desires 🙂

Go check them out at http://www.bodythrills.co.za and have a look at their Winter Wonders specials

P.S. They have chocolate pudding bubble bath…have you ever? I will take it upon myself to try it out and let you know on a scale of one to orgasm how good it is. Watch this space.

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