Today I learnt… to just laugh

Twenty-eight. Twenty. Eight.

How the hell did that happen? Yesterday I was twenty-two, I’m sure?
My first birthday breakdown. I thought that only happened when you’re old?

My goodness gracious me, I’m being a ridiculous fool. The emphasis is on TWENTY, not eight.

Nonetheless, I did have a little wobbly at the thought. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. I may put it on the Internet, but you have thought that too – be honest.

It’s quite easy to criticise yourself for what you have not yet achieved in your life, I realise that now, but why on earth would we choose to do that to ourselves? You can’t have everything – where would you put it?

Life is precious. Every day. Even the bad ones.

All you can do is laugh…just laugh 🙂

Real laughter, not the LOL kind. The kind where someone walks into a sliding door and you’re watching it happen from the other side. Or when a child experiences brain freeze for the first time, after a milkshake. Or when you trip up the stairs in high school and your dress flies up above your head. That didn’t happen to me.

Just laugh.


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