A year of memories – what’s next? Help!

I started my photo-a-day project today a year ago where I committed to posting a photo a day for a year. Before I knew it, it was over and I’m feeling a little like I’m going though a break-up.

My Tumblog has been part of my life every day for the past year and now it’s over!

*Big crocodile tears*

But wow, what a lot of memories in one year – it’s been quite a ride…amazing what we experience every day of our lives…

Go have a look at my blog and reminisce with me – I’m sure some of you will be part of the memories captured in my photos and you can take a little walk down memory lane with me!

And  most importantly, now that my little project is over, I need some ideas on what to do for my next one please. I know you guys are creative so please send some ideas my way. I’d like to do something similar, as I’m not ready to let go of capturing my everyday memories on the run, but with something a bit different this time.

I eagerly await your comments!


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