Reminiscent Deception

I recently got thrown into a day of past encounters and it has irked me a bit. Which means that you get to read about it.

It struck me how easily memories come flooding back and how they still feel so real. It kind of puts you in a twilight zone of reality that’s not reality.

What struck me even more was how all the good memories come back first, powerful feelings of reminiscence that seem to take over. Reminiscence seems to grab you by the neck and throw you down the rabbit hole of good memories and warm fluffy feelings. Intoxicated by this feeling, the poor victim wanders through Wonderland, wallowing in the fuzzy warmth.

And then it hits you – just one or two powerful blows that knock you out of the dream.

Reality. The bad stuff. The reasons you left it all behind.

We all have to make important decisions in our lives and at the same time we all make mistakes. It’s a difficult concept to deal with when you’re not sure if your decision was a good one or not. You can go round and round in circles in your own head forever!

I vote forward-facing. We have to trust ourselves and our gut, accept our decisions and keep moving forward.

Reminiscence is a deception. Be careful of this beast.


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