Today I learnt…that horses are awesome.

Having had a few horse riding lessons from my dear friend, Liz “The Horse Whisperer”, I have recently discovered a hidden love for these beautiful animals. This is the culprit, Bella:

Now this poses a bit of a problem for me as I definitely can’t afford to have a love for horses, but I’m just going with it for now. If you’d like to help me fund this little hobby, I’d love to do some business with you in the social media space – find me at @mysocialideas on Twitter and Social Ideason Facebook (cheeky business punt there).

So why do I want to jump onto the back of a big muscular animal? Because I’ve learnt a lot from this so far:

I’ve learnt that you don’t just ride a horse…you work bloody hard at it first and then it starts working out. You don’t climb on and push a button, this is a living, breathing, thinking animal.

I’ve learnt that confidence counts far more than just knowing what you’re doing and together with persistence, something’s going to give.

I’ve learnt respect. Respect others and you will get respect in return.

I’ve learnt that every horse is different, and each one needs an approach specific to them.

Some metaphors for life in there, methinks?

I’ll keep at it, I’m gaining so much already.

And I’ll get some proper riding boots…having a horse stand on your foot is painful!


2 responses to “Today I learnt…that horses are awesome.

  • Lorna

    Hey there – I may have a business proposition for you regarding the business exchange of your Social Media Skills for some horse time. I volunteer on a weekly basis with an awesome community project – ShumbaShaba ( where Horses are helping people. It is a really awesome project – and the bonus is you get to spend time with the beasts and really get to know much more about them, and how to deal with all the differing personalities that can be found in the field.

    If you are keen on getting involved – we are super keen for Facebook and other Social Media input and assistance.

    Let me know!

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