This post has nothing to do with you

I’m not a personal journal blogger. I don’t account for every day of my life with my blog. I generally try to ensure that my readers get something useful out of my posts, but this one is all about me. Because it’s my blog and I can. As 2011 draws to a close (took damn long enough), I find myself reflecting on the craziness that was this year. So you get to hear it. I’ve done some serious and some random things this year and I know it’s all leading me to somewhere sparkly and new. Dust off the cobwebs and watch the reflections of the disco ball, 2012 is bringing something bizarre, I can feel it.

Here’s an account of some of the main events of my 2011, so that you can understand why I felt the need to take some time to reflect on everything that happened and focus on where I’m going from here:

  • I started blogging!
  • Went from blonde, to ash blonde, to brunette, and am half way back to blonde again.
  • Experienced my first Durban July, in a blur of high heels and whisky.
  • Lost one awesome roommate for her love of her man and gained another awesome one who will probably leave me for her love of India.
  • Travelled. A lot. Tranquil Transkei, Crazy Croatia, Familial Eastern Cape, Australia and even a place called Tonteldoos. Became a tourist in my own town, Jozi (iheartjozi).
  • Went on a Buddhist retreat. With myself. Found peace, not Buddhism.
  • Began a relationship with yoga. Love/hate. Started a yoga blog. (kissmyasana). Learnt not to laugh when I’m told to exhale through my vagina.
  • Started to worry about environmental issues. Have not yet chained myself to an elephant.
  • Fell into a real person relationship and then straight back out again.
  • Reconnected with my BFF who treated me to a VVIP rockstar return.
  • Got adopted by a second family.
  • Got a new niece and nephew. Re-discovered how much I love the kids in my life.
  • Found my passion in social media.
  • Jumped off the corporate hamster wheel (it’s okay, it smelt like poo anyway) and started working for myself (mysocialideas)…watch this space for a personal business punt in the new year…
  • Got smacked in the face with grown-up reality when doctors declared that my mom is losing her fight against cancer.
  • Learnt that it’s okay to cry sometimes.
  • Found my big girl panties in the bottom of my underwear drawer and am ready to start wearing them.
  • Got a tan.

That’s quite a list.

And yes, this post probably has nothing to do with you, but for me, it’s made me realise how much I’ve experienced in one short year and how much I’m capable of doing the rest of my life. Each year brings its’ crap and its’ goodness, it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference.


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