Deadmau5 SA Tour – H20 – 3 December 2011

Didn’t strike you as an H2O gal, hm? Well let me tell you, we had such a good party at the Deadmau5 SA tour at H20 this weekend!

Yes, it’s in Boksburg and yes, there are a lot of boneheads walking around, and yes, there is a LOT of house music (which is not my favourite – I’d much prefer some trance DJ’s on the stage) but it’s actually lots of fun. The vibe at things like this is something you’ll never get anywhere else and I have to say, this was the party of the year.

This must have been the biggest H20 in the history of the ‘party in the sun’ events and Deadmau5 attracted the strangest bunch, I must say. Where else are you going to come across a guy in a lilac speedo with a mouse head on his head? Bizarre and oh-so-entertaining.

Deadmau5 blew the massive crowd away with his phenomenal LED stage and live mixing. It really was phenomenal. The view from the VVIP deck of the crowd going mad is something I’ll never forget. (Yes, VVIP saved me – don’t think I’d have survived with a general ticket).

Well done to everyone involved in making this happen!

Maybe see you at the next one?


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