Kings? of Leon

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Since the Kings of Leon concert in Jozi on Saturday, the mixed reviews and the ‘they rocked my world’ vs ‘they sucked’ banter continues. I’m feeling left out so I thought I’d add my own to the pot.

So let’s start with the build-up…

Seeing that they cancelled their show in April, fans have been waiting for months in anticipation for some good ol’ American rock to grace our beautiful FNB stadium (Soccer City). The marketing around this event was really good. All you heard for weeks before the concert was ‘Kings of Leon’ ‘Kings of Leon’ Kings of Leon’. It was great to see how well social media was used for this event as well and it reinforces my passion for business in the social space! Nokia had some decent ‘Kings of Leon trivia’ going on their blog, 5fm was punting the event and the sponsors like crazy and Twitter was alive with the KOL buzz.

Excellent so far.

Once at the stadium (seems like all transport facilities worked out very well), the supporting SA bands were excellent! I only arrived at the end of Shadowclub‘s set, but they were brilliant! Die Heuwels Fantasties, although not my kind of thing, had such an energetic stage presence, it actually didn’t matter that half the time I didn’t know what they were singing.

Enter the Kings.

Amazing stage, screens and lighting. A+ for sound quality and performance by them, but on stage presence they get an F. They performed technically perfectly and sounded exactly like they do on their recorded albums, but I did find myself letting out a yawn or four. The fireworks display at the end of the show did redeem them, though, I must say.

So technically, yes, they were brilliant, but in personality, yes, they sucked.

That is my 2 cents worth of this debate. Feel free to leave your comments and have your say too.

Nonetheless, I think we should all say a very well done to Nokia, 5fm, Big Concerts, SABC3 and everyone involved in putting this all together, first class indeed.


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