Some R&R in Tonteldoos Valley

This weekend the manimal took us away to Riverman Cabins in the Tonteldoos Valley, just outside of Dullstroom for a much-needed escape from the crazy of the city. An old farm with tranquil guesthouses, complete with lambs, cows, two trusty greyhounds and some fishing dams did the trick.


I’ve said it plenty of times before and I’ll say it again here…are you listening carefully…we live in the most beautiful country in the world!

I could spend the rest of my life exploring South Africa and the diverse surroundings and nature that most of us take for granted. Around every corner is something new and delicious to explore and enjoy. This last little holiday reinforced that for me.

Dullstroom is a quaint little town just outside of Middelberg with small arty shops, pubs, chocolatier, trout shops etc. Oh and of course a cheese shop! I would never miss that. The actual cheese farm, Bergen Cheese, is in Tonteldoos – about 10 minutes from Dullstroom and is also a restaurant (with cheese mentioned a lot of the menu, of course!). The cheese farm offers tours where they show you how the cheese is made, but the cheese maker was away and I didn’t get to experience it 😦

Tonteldoos is really tiny and there’s not much to mention about it, but there are plenty of trout farms for fishing if that’s what you’re into, otherwise some serious chilling is on the cards in a beautiful landscape.

There are also plenty of interesting farm roads for mountain-biking, which I tried my hand (poor aching legs) at…I think I nearly died! Spinning is a walk in the park, but actual mountain biking…that’s another freaking story!

I also tried my hand at pulling a fish hook out of the manimal’s head…it appears that I’m not so good at that either.

Okay, enough babbling…the point is that it was such a nice getaway, not that far out of Jozi – only about 3 hours max, and…yes you guessed it… I Heart South Africa!

Go and explore!

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