I came across ihadcancer.com yesterday and just had to share it on my blog. It’s a social network for cancer survivors, fighters and supporters that provides an opportunity to connect with other people going through the same struggles that you are and a space for you to share.

I’ve never written about my mom’s constant struggle with breast cancer and this provides the perfect opportunity to let off some ‘cancer steam’.

I particularly like the section called ‘Dear Cancer’ which will be hearing from me soon! This is where you can literally send a message to cancer. Reading some of these messages are really heart-wrenching, but they also show the strength of the human character when faced with something so vicious and merciless.

If you are affected by cancer, directly or indirectly, I encourage you to join this network and share your stories. You can find me as Popcorncandi if you would like to connect with me there.


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