Gold Class indeed

We definitely need one of these cinemas in South Africa: Gold Class

I had a really nice evening out with my sister in Sydney as I quickly approach the long haul back home to Jozi.

Dinner, drinks and a movie in comfortable leather lazyboy couches…this is how all cinemas should be! They’ve got it right…go out to see a movie, have the comfort of almost being at home, yet the feeling of something special with dinner and service.

Love it.

I wait in anticipation for Jozi to get one…


2 responses to “Gold Class indeed

  • keepleftlookright

    Don’t you just love the popcorn in the little silver buckets? And the table service to your seat? I keep wondering why they haven’t caught on to Gold Class in America…

    • PopcornCandi

      Really not one in America either? That’s insanely silly. My popcorn came in a bowl…a real bowl, not a cardboard box. Having wine delivered to my seat during the movie was just fantastic…why are other countries not doing this? It’s a no-brainer.

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