Oude Meester has a new Dudemeister – Jamie Foxx

Oude Meester launched the new face of their distinguished brandies on Wednesday night at Buddha Ta in Design Quarter – Jamie Foxx!

It seems that the use of A-list Hollywood celebrities to endorse brands is still very much alive and Jamie Foxx is definitely one of the highest profile celebs to donate his face to a local brand.

To go with the new master, is a gorgeous new contemporary look for the brand – very fitting.

Us Twitter geeks had #oudemeester trending for a while on Twitter and by far the best tweet of the night came from @kirstybisset: “Oh my… The #oudemeester at this event is going down like Mom’s panties on Fathers Day.” Freaking hysterical, but very true…the brandy really was flowing and flowing and flowing…

It was a very elegant event that was beautifully organised and decorated.  I was introduced to my new favourite drink of brandy and ginger ale – if anyone has a name for this (other than “More”) please let me know.

Check out the new branding and TV ad here.

I’ve taken a few of their Facebook images below to give you a quick idea of what the event looked like – you can find more pics on their Facebook page.


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