Things I know – I am something amazing

Seeing that I am at a bit of a a huge f*ing crossroads in my life at the moment – you know – being jobless and all, I haven’t been blogging much due to the fear of ‘The Crazy’ spilling onto the keyboard. When I saw that Jenty took part in this from Yay for Home, I thought it would be the best opportunity to let some of it out without sounding too much like I need a padded room.

When things like this happen in our lives, we are forced to make some really tough decisions and as much as it is an amazing opportunity to do something new and exciting, there is always that part of yourself that doubts. At the end of the day, we all need a salary (well, most of us anyway) and the damned need for money does add a bit of pooper to the party.

So here are the things I know about myself today that will help encourage me on this scary little adventure:

I am creative

I am nobody’s pawn for their chessboard.

I am SO happy to be out of the toxic work environment that I was stuck in.

I want to enjoy my life and not long for wasted years when I am old.

I am stronger than I think.

I am grateful for everything that I have – my friends and family, not physical possessions.

I am odd, but that’s okay. Who defines normal, anyway?

I am rebellious and I like it.

I am something amazing.


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