Dear Brands on Twitter

Dear Brands on Twitter,

I am writing you this letter, because I think that you need some guidance on how to behave online in a social space.

It is not a forum for you to punt your products and ignore the social community that supports you.

If you are on Twitter, you are welcoming conversation. If that happens to be about a complaint or a vent, deal with it like a real person. If you do something great, I will compliment you openly too. Don’t hide behind your name – we see through that.

I know that there is a human behind those tweets, so how about a bit of a personality? Brands can have a personality, believe it or not, work on it. Add it to your social media policy.

I am not automatically your friend because I follow you. I am not going to answer your general tweet of “So how is everyone’s Friday?”. I follow you for useful information, or the hopes of it. Provide that to me, please.

There are some brands out there getting it right, but very few. I think you all need to re-assess your strategy – do you have one?

Kind regards,

Twitter User


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