Gilroy Brewery – Muldersdrift

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend in Jozi is to take a drive out to Muldersdrift/Magaliesburg and have an afternoon beer…Gilroy Brewery in Muldersdrift is just perfect for that.

Run by old Gilroy himself, this place makes natural ales (delicious) free from preservatives and all that rubbish, has a comfortable beer garden and also does beer tastings.

It is also right next to the Ngwenya Glass Village and there is a toddler park to drop off your kiddies if you have them.

Although the food is typical pub food and nothing to particularly write home about, there are some interesting dishes and quite a few vegetarian options, surprisingly! It’s all the same after a few ales in any case, especially if your choice is the “Serious” Gilroy ale at 7%…Si..ri…us.. and you find yourself singing along to an Abba hit with the live band.

Sorry – didn’t have my real camera with me, so here are a few pics from my phone.


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