Soweto Bicycle Tour

Wow, what an amazing experience in Soweto today on our bicycle tour! Organised by Lebo’s Backpackers in Soweto, it was a 4 hour bicycle tour through Soweto, touching on local life, a shebeen visit, Miriam Makeba‘s home suburb, Mandela House, Desmond Tutu‘s house and local food.

It was such an amazing experience, I can’t even explain it. @ClareMelina and I are going to start a blog on our “i heart Jozi” excursions and this will be our first post, but while I was looking through my photos from today, I couldn’t resist doing a quick post to show you.

The kids were definitely my highlight of the tour. They are all smiling and friendly and being real kids…playing outside like we used to in the “old days”. They happily pose for photos with big smiles on their faces in exchange for sweeties…’shoot me’ they say…hmmm!

I absolutely loved it. Soweto is not scary at all and so culturally rich. Every Joburger needs to experience it.

Keep tuned in for updates on our new Jozi blog coming up, but in the meantime feast your eyes on my pics.

(Please feel free to use these photos, but I just ask that you link them back to this site to acknowledge ownership)

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4 responses to “Soweto Bicycle Tour

  • jenty

    Stunning!! I love going to Soweto, it’s like another world to where we live in Jozi

  • Alaina Mabaso

    Great pictures! Brings me back. I’m from the US, but my husband was raised in Soweto and his family is still there. We stay in Diepkloof when we visit, and despite some problems, it is a wonderful neighborhood, full of real neighbors who know each other, greet each other every day, and kids who play outside together and run in and out of each other’s houses. I’ve seen travel books that caution how dangerous Soweto is and warn people away – how sad. The museums nearby are some of the most edifying and harrowing exhibits I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe you would like a few of the posts about South Africa on my own blog, including my latest, about my sojourns with South African languages:

    So nice to see another blogger who’s a Soweto enthusiast!

  • Soweto aint so scary | PopcornCandi

    […] far the best Soweto experience I’ve had so far is the Soweto Bicycle tour, which I’ve blogged about before. Although completely touristy (you’ll likely be the only South Africans in the group), it’s a […]

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