Novalja, Croatia

I’m finally getting around to my Croatia posts again…I’ve been far too busy carrying on with normal life and my yoga blog ‘Kiss my Asana‘ to go back and blog about my Croatia trip, but I will focus a little bit on getting it all out there as soon as possible.

Novalja is a town north of Pag Island, known for its bars, clubs and partying. Allegedly.

I saw bars and a hint of some clubs somewhere, but definitely was not feeling the party vibe on my one day spent there. It could be that it was at the end of my holiday and I was so relaxed and holidayed that my party-radar was faulty. It could also have been the kitsch disco balls in every shop along the promenade that shone to the beat of really bad techno music that put me off.

Either way, it was a pleasant little town to visit and we actually found some decent smoothies and yummy vegetarian food there! Croatia is not particularly known for their salad-making skills, so when we found a chickpea salad on the menu at La Paloma cafe on the square, salivation was definitely happening.

A nice little day-trip, I must say.

Traveller info

The ferry from Rijeka to Rab Island to Pag Island stops at Novalja and the last bus to Pag Town from Novalja is at 6pm in the evening from the main bus station. The main bus station is not where the ferry arrives, it is about 15 minutes walk inland.

There is only one ferry daily between Rab and Pag and this departs at around 6 or 7 in the evening.

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